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Plan 9 Is Now Available Under The GNU GPLv2

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    Originally posted by endman View Post
    It'll set an example to BSD trolls and show them that GPL style licenses are on the increase while BSD style licenses are declining.
    The no.1 OpenSource license is the Apache License.


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      Originally posted by Delgarde View Post
      What for? Is there any specific code in Plan 9 that could be both useful in Linux, and practical to port across? I'm thinking probably not... any desirable features could have been (and perhaps were) copied in Linux years ago if anyone wanted them, and I can't imagine the code is all that useful... anything valuable would need a lot of rewriting to port it to Linux kernel APIs and subsystems...
      Plan9's TCP/IP stack that is many, many times faster, more reliable and standard compliant than linux' shaky TCP/IP implementation. However, i wonder how well it would fit into the Linux kernel.

      Plan 9 does have an extremely robust implementation of TCP/IP including IPV6.


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        Originally posted by JX8p View Post
        A new OS project has emerged called Akaros, which is under the GPLv2. The Plan 9 Lucent Public License is GPL-incompatible, so this dual-licensing allows Plan9 code to be incorporated into Akaros.
        I personally like the Akaros project. I hope that they will release ISO images soon.