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ReactOS 0.3.16 Starts A SHELL32 Rewrite, New Features

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    Originally posted by amagnoni View Post
    what benefits windows have? until now it only play games.

    Originally posted by amagnoni View Post
    its a open world. you want a FOSS windows? ok. but i think that will be better if all the efforts turn to bring the linux or hurd the most advanced system in the world.
    Why? Linux is like hurd only a kernel. these times the kernel is one of the rar thinks that has no problem with the effort. Windows is a hole platform where tons of software, drivers, now how exists. A simple kontextmenue entry is not a problem on windows, on the current GNU/Linux Distributions you has first to look that file managers they use and if you can do it. As Example look at the horrible dropbox integration. even in nautlilus the integration is bad and they come with dropbox.


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      Originally posted by GraysonPeddie View Post
      Besides, why not just use Windows instead of ReactOS?
      Possibly because some people want or even need Windows, but don't want all the NSA spying?


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        Originally posted by mmstick View Post
        Thomas Edison was the Steve Jobs of his time -- invented nothing, stole everything -- just a marketing man, really. The lightbulb was invented by Joseph Swan.
        Yea, I heard that like 2 years ago, and I was surprised that I was misinformed for so many years. Anyway the real first bulb burnt out in seconds AFAIK. The point is to not look down on people with goals that are "impossible"

        And btw, Edison really did improve Swan's invention, didn't he?
        And Steve Jobs really did have quite a few innovations (but IMHO definitely NOT iPhone)
        about him being a marketing man, that's so true! I bet we all heard of the "We don't need a camera" and "Now, we have a camera" joke