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OpenBSD Foundation At Risk Of Shutting Down

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  • OpenBSD Foundation At Risk Of Shutting Down

    Phoronix: OpenBSD Foundation At Risk Of Shutting Down

    The OpenBSD Foundation is running into a situation of lack of funding to the point that they can't even cover their electricity costs and may be forced to suspend or reduce their operations without additional help...

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    I impatiently await the first "lol OpenB$D is dead! use Lin$ux!" postings.

    Interestingly, most Open Source foundations (except those backed by large companies) suffer from the same problems.


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      Where are their proprietary "friends" now?


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          Originally posted by Pawlerson View Post
          Where are their proprietary "friends" now?
          In opposite to FreeBSD, OpenBSD doesn't have a wide coverage in embedded devices or similar; it's mainly used for being cannibalized by Linux distributors.


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            Might make a good acquisition for Canonical, then?


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              Sure, Canonical could easily fund OpenBSD for some exclusive access to OpenSSH (and similar tools). I wonder why they haven't done so yet. Maybe because they prefer their stuff for free.


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                First off, Canonical was in an article about them operating at a loss recently, so for them to fund (even if it is a very small amount for them) is unlikely, and a lot of people here would say out of character as well.

                Second, I'm sure the largest reason for them seeing a lack of interest (and funding) is because FreeBSD is arguably better and it's hard to see any significant difference otherwise. At least, I had trouble trying to figure out what it has to offer that FreeBSD doesn't.


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                  A different packaging/ports system and a different core system with a focus on security, mainly.


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                    Crap, I should've just read online again, I found a nice summary that went:
                    FreeBSD: Maximum Performance
                    OpenBSD: Maximum Security
                    NetBSD: Maximum Portability

                    I guess what people need is what OpenBSD does in security that is superior to another OS like even linux.