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FreeBSD 9.1 Officially Released

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    Originally posted by BSD Sucks and Dies
    Don't be tricked by what they announce on, as it is often not true. I just had a look at the mailing list and apparently, they simply re-label a copy of freebsd 9.0 into freebsd 9.1 as the actual 9.1 source and binaries were deleted by the hackers when they penetrated the system on 11th November.

    You're even better than funkSTAR!


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      Originally posted by archibald View Post
      citation needed

      citation needed

      citation needed

      citation needed

      Please provide sources to your assertions. You've accused the FreeBSD project of lying and being incompetent, please back these accusations up with hard data.

      For the record, I'm on the mailing lists as well and your comments about things you have found on the mailing list are simply not true.
      NO, YOUR CLAIMS CITATIONS. If your are part of the FoolsBDSM mailing list, I suggest you leave immediately to it means your deceiving mole here. GO!!! CHOP CHOP!!


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        Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post

        You're even better than funkSTAR!
        I was thinking the same thing!

        Come on, FunkSTAR, did you know that FreeBSD is 100% written in Qt? I've also heard that also linux 3.9 will have KDE bundled inside! Don't miss this moronic flame war, these new guys are obscurating you!

        Seriously, BSD Sucks and Dies and BSD BullShitDistro (i mean the person behind both), this is the worst trolling ever, this forum is decaying... garegin is the only good troll last.


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          FreeBSD 9.1:


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            FreeBSD, or Linux ?

            Originally posted by kill BSD View Post
            FreeBSD 9.1:

            Ha,haha: silly pea-brained troll, I'll finish painting it for you.
            ...and behind Tux is Microsoft goin' right up your silly weird rusky poo_p_shoot, and behind M$'s big extension, is Apple doing it to them all, and behind Apple is, ....

            Divide and Conquer, and just like the flimsy house o' cards ya'll are, you haven't LEARNED anything yet, except for allowing yourselves to be "divided, AND Conquered", and for the last 20 years at that, STILL !!!
            It really is NO WONDER anymore, that "western civilization"/capitalism, really hasn't won any wars since WW2 ! -'dats a faq Jack.
            The 12th man is LMAO at you both, Linux, and FreeBSD.

            Ya'll wonder why ALL the hardware manufacturers' are still un-decided about "openly" supporting "fully" Linux, and/or FreeBSD. ?
            Well, just look at this crayon cartoon example from Mr. pea-brain here, not to mention all the other utterly braindead-troll comments here, except for the only intelligent one,-(YES, and thankyou @Eisnefaust), and you'll quickly maybe understand WHY !?

            It's about FreeBSD, "and" Linux, working together, and Unix/NetOS's as these, that are thankfully free and open, as these, should be joined-at-the-hip politically-wise, against the proprietary/non-Open/ OS's such as M$, ...
            "Rail" at ALL the hardware makers for BETTER, and OPEN Driver support, instead of "RAILING" at each other, and for no reason, but to entertain loser's, and trolls everywhere. ???!!!, wow, I mean wtf? -LoL.

            OS, and "ALL" Drivers should be "Free", AND open-sourced. If for nuthin' else, then understand that YOU ALREADY BOUGHT THE HARDWARE, YOU OWN IT NOW !?

            (Free)Applications is simply a bonus, but if the Application is good, then pay for it, if the creator wants, or don't use it, find and support your fav free-app.
            Hardware, unambiguously, is NOT an option!, and we'll always have to pay for it.

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              ...and this.

              Originally posted by LightBit View Post
              Well it does matter, if more people would use open source driver instead of closed one, nvidia would make more effort to open their drivers.
              If nvidia bankrupts their closed source driver will soon become useless.

              Also unstable API (and ABI) isn't only reason for open source.

              Yes, this also, as an intelligent comment/reply.
              Thankyou @LightBit