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Major ReactOS Release: Themes, Shell, ACPI, WiFi

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    Originally posted by elanthis View Post
    In any event, ReactOS poses some real value: it allows a user's software (whether proprietary or not) to be Freed from an OS that may be problematic in the future. e.g., Windows XP lifetime is about up and will no longer receive security updates, yet some Windows XP software does not run on Windows Vista or later. Likewise, some of this software may be dependent on hardware that has XP drivers but not Linux drivers.

    There's value in all software being Free. Maybe not always on the date of release, or not even until a decade or more has passed, but at some point that old software is no longer supported, maintained, or sold by its original publisher, and Free versions allow continued maintenance and study long past those "artificial" deadlines.
    Indeed. ReactOS is essentially the FreeDOS equivalent of early Windows implementations.


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      In Windows there's core functionnality and there's fluffy eye candy. Once it get sufficient to most people needs, the user base will increase, bringing awareness to the project, thus more developpers and resources. Recreating an OS from scratch is far from easy, and these guys have all my respect for doing this.