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Test Driving GNU Hurd, With Benchmarks Against Linux

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    Originally posted by frantaylor View Post
    Realistically, BSD was just emerging from its legal difficulties at the time, and would have been the "canonical free OS" if Linux had not come along. So we already have TWO free OS with broad hardware support thanks to Linus and Bill Joy.
    Well yes, but BSD has in my eyes this one way license problem. Linux is GPL/LGPL and this is free and stays free. I guess that also attracts more developers to it than to a BSD licensed project. Some see it as freedom to have the ability to even close / relicense the code under a different license but I don't.

    PS on the article from Michael: It's indeed sad that the tests were carried out in a VM, that seems not too really realistic to me. At least I expect all sorts of falsifying effects from the VM/host machine. But with this hardware support projects like HURD, Plan0/Inferno might stay an experimental research project for geeks. But maybe some of the interesting info won there could be used in the more mainstream products.


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      Benchmarking OSes under virtual machines reminds me this


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        I didn't mean to say tests inside a VM are completely useless, but they are meaningless without knowing what is being tested. Doing the same tests on the same machine on bare hardware might help, provided the machine is booted with only one core/thread active. And of course, as somebody already mentioned, more different tests would be useful too.