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Phoronix website design (mostly) fixed by a third-party plugin

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    This is getting BEAUTIFUL

    Version 0.5 of my phoronix extension is now available. The two most noticeable changes are:
    • Wide content (images, youtube embeds, etc.) on articles is now properly supported (ie. scaled to fit article width)
    • Styles are no longer applied on phoronix forums, meaning no longer disappearing/white forum text links

    Things are starting to look really good at this point. If no further problems arise, the extension may be ready to be published soon.


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      i can't seem to make it work, i get " i can't add.. from this website or address"


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        Originally posted by Luke View Post
        Mirrors and browser extensions to change the look of a single website. Threats of DCMA takedowns. That kind of fighting with the ordinary users of the site caught in the middle can ruin a good thing very quickly. Remember, the competition is google, whose searches can turn up similar information spread out over a million random blogs.

        If a mirror site is made, even if the same ads are run, it seems to me the mirror site owner gets the money. This forces a fight, and once defenses like obfuscated code go into use and the site loads poorly in secured browsers, the readership could plummet. Please folks, do not set up mirrors and attack Michael in this way, you will force him to abandon the site entirely.
        well, if Michael had not made a website out of rectangles that a 5 year old could make maybe we would not be here. It's really one of the ugliest sites i ever seen, while the old version was fine.


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          Originally posted by sireangelus View Post
          i can't seem to make it work, i get " i can't add.. from this website or address"
          Just tried it on another computer, and it does work for me. You have to go to my original post for the link, download the extension v 0.5 .crx file (it says no preview available, just press download). When it has downloaded, drag and drop the file to the chrome Extensions page. (The page that lists all your installed chrome extensions.) It should now be installed and when you go to - the good old theme is back.


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            If that doesn't work you'll need to download the dev version of chrome.


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              managed to get it to work, but this is the result: