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Would Phoronix do Gentoo Linux versus Ubuntu Linux benchmarks?

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    Originally posted by disi View Post
    So, I just tested a few things
    While messing around I had a strange thing. Here are results of i7 Ubuntu vs phenom Gentoo and all the compilation is not displayed for my phenom:

    It definately did something, but came up with average time 0 seconds all the time... what did I do wrong?

    Here is a compilebench test, which worked fine:
    That is not exactly a fair comparison because the hardware of the Ubuntu system and Gentoo system vary remarkably, however, it is is impressive that the Gentoo system was able to outperform the Ubuntu system in OpenSSL, despite being remarkably outgunned as far as raw hardware goes.


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      And in GraphicsMagick 1.3.7 HWB Color Space, whatever that is... this was just a test anyway. I am looking into this compileproblem...


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        Hey guys, I think Michael found an article already that does pretty much exactly what your looking for. I found it in on a post that Michael made about other publishers that have used PTS.

        Heres a link check it out.


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          sorry heres a better link...


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            This is a very popular link. In my Opinion, Gentoo is not only about CFLAGS, it's more about USE flags. If I install every peace of Software the way it is installed on an Ubuntu system and just change the optimization flag...

            I found a similar system I have and in v2.2.0 compiling is working for me The apache compile seems buggy :/



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              Gentoo will always be faster and a better system, we all know it, Michael knows it, its written in the stars... BUT, Michael loves Ubuntu, so i doubt he'll make a big effort to post anything that says "oh this is way better than mr.Ubu", and honestly i dont see that as a bad thing.

              like the phrase goes "truth is in the eye of the beholder".



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                Gentoo is my favorite distro, but I understand why Michael needs something standardized to work with - like a distro that has a default filesystem and WM/DE.

                Maybe if somebody made Gentoo: Atom Netbook Optimized Edition with an installer, then he could benchmark it.