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    Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
    its been a while so i cannot speak for exactly what happened. However i remember it crashing on me more then a few times. I think because of your steam version it auto updated. I typically dont apply patches for a single player experience. Some of these issues were probably fixed. Still, at point release it was not even close to being worthy of any release at all. I would even go about saying it was worse then BF2, and that was pretty bad. Although BF2 became more broken after every patch they pushed....

    about me not giving a reason why it sucks:

    So yes, you do have reading comprehension issues.
    You refused to patch a game that you knew had a buggy release and then complained about bugs. Good going you win the internet genius award.

    The issues where fixed before you ever played it... Its not rockstars fault you chose to ignore the patches.


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      i played it days after it came out on vista, i doubt patches exited at that point. Just for kicks i tried it on win 7 a few months ago. If i was attempting to play online i can totally understand what you say about patching, but to render your game nearly unplayable at point release isn't very clever under any circumstances. I knew the release was buggy AFTER my purchase. There is no excuse for this, regardless. If i wanted to patch my stuff up because it never worked to begin with i would run windows full time. Im not going to go patch hunting for a game i have already played perfectly on the ps3... The ps3 version ran just fine without patches diddnt it? Why do i need to get a half ass experience on the PC? A shit port is a shit port. I think to make it more clear, they simply should have tested it before putting it in a box.


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        Nearly unplayable my ass all it did was crash every couple HOURS due to a memory leak. Exaggerating is fun.


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          If you want to gimp your gaming experience by not patching thats your business but dont complain because of your silly notions about gaming.

          The ps3 version has had a few patches like the one to fix the issue where the game would just completely freeze randomly. But hey you didnt patch that one right?


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            then perhaps you could better explain to me why i couldnt maintain a window for more then 10 minutes.


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              btw, why are you telling me what my gaming experience was? Last i checked the only people who might have any idea what that is would be me and maybe a few friends. I am stating its a shit port, which i can back up by comparing it to other games.