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Running Benchmarks On Other New Linux Games

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    Michael, do you think you could work with Valve or Croteam to get a version of Serious Sam or a steam game that could be stand alone so that you could benchmark it without worrying about version or steam overhead not being consistent? They could set you up with a special version or let you have a developer copy or something. I know it wouldn't be perfect but it would give you something stable and more modern to try that you could put into your scripts. I know you couldn't release it but it would let you put up some graphs.

    Thanks for the wonderful site and don't let the whiners and the "I want the world for free without any work on my part." get you down.


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      Originally posted by johnc View Post
      OTOH, I think I'd trust Michael's benchmarks over some of those other guys out there, especially ones who don't really understand how to bench hardware. There are also reviewers out there who are so biased that you can't even get through an article without vomiting. (But at least they're up front and admit they're fanboys of certain companies and practically doling out pure ad copy as "featured articles".)

      E.g., AnandTech on both counts.
      Tell me about it. SemiAccurate is otherwise a great read, but every time Thomas there does a benchmark I triple facepalm.

      He can't reproduce any of his results. He only does single runs, with no measurements, and lots of noise. For a while he didn't even label his axes.

      In contrast Michael is doing it right. Automated, reproducible, standard deviation taken into account.


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        Originally posted by Kivada View Post
        I only come here for 2 things, To see what is posted by the OSS GPU driver devs in these forums and to prove a point about why this site is terrible for everything else.
        So, you subscribed for 3 years JUST to get driver dev info and to complain about this website? You don't need to subscribe to do the former, and you really must have nothing better to do for the latter.

        Fair enough, I can admit that I inaccurately defined what this website claims to be. HOWEVER, in actuality, phoronix articles for YEARS have rarely been about reviews or gaming (experiences). That being said, the website description isn't exactly accurate. Sure there's plenty of articles about game engines and game releases, but not much other than game news. As I stated before, phoronix is mostly a news source. The forums may be more about reviews and gaming but I personally never visit them beyond news articles.

        I've posted several times at great detail about the things he could have done to improve the site, yet he'd rather do what he's always done, copypasta with linkback sauce.
        I recall more complaining than suggestions. I'm not exactly fond of him not linking sources, but as I've posted several times, the improvements you're looking for would stray too far from what this website REALLY has for contents. I guess it's more of a fault on Michael's part to say this site focuses on reviews and gaming when the website doesn't appeal to either of those. Anything considered a review here is more of an overview or in-depth notations on a milestone.

        Facts? Like the fact that outside of the handful of you that post constantly there are exceedingly few new posters in the forum that have more then 10 posts before they just stop posting and likely stop reading?

        Or the fact that if you do as I said and ask about Phoronix on ANY other Linux site you will get a resounding negative response?
        Again, I don't visit the forums, so I can't say what the activity is like around there. Personally, if I'm going to get involved in a linux community, it's going to the the community of the distro I'm using. That being said, the community here has very little to offer me.

        You still have yet to provide another linux news site that provides the same content (or more/better) than phoronix. You keep claiming there are other sites but I can't find any. Just from a quick google search, is more about distro and product releases. seems to be more about reviews and articles in column-style journalism. is a content aggregator. linuxfoundation news is too corporate focused. How many do I really need to list? Phoronix has a niche, and the readers here who don't whine every day appeal to that niche. I'm not saying the other sites are bad, BTW, they just don't have the same focus or information.
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          Theres no reason to not do so. Even crap websites do image quality comparisons, not just for games but also for their video acceleration hardware?

          And what about all of the years where we where lucky to see one new game a year? at that point why didn't he expand the site into other venues? Why is there no test for any of the software on this list?

          There are hundreds of pieces of non gaming software he could have tested that would have made the site worth it. Why? Because even the gaming sites on Windows test non gaming software to bring in readers.

          Cast a wide net to be brought up in as many searches as possible. The bigger the audience the better the income.

          There isn't another Linux review site because everyone else has a job.