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    Also, what is EnvironmentSize and in what units is it specified?


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      Originally posted by curaga View Post
      md5 is far from dangerous when combined with file size check and compression.

      Sure, you may be able to create a colliding file with a few weeks' computation. But is that colliding file going to be a valid zip/gzip/bzip2 file? And with the exact same size to the byte?
      It's the ZIP that makes it trivial and negates the size checks. Ever heard of rarjpegs? That works for zip files too. You can place any kind of garbage in the beginning of the file and it will still be a valid zipfile. If your malicious payload is 1Mb size, you get the rest of the gigabyte for you to fill with hash-colliding garbage. That's 99% of the file. A hash collision attack is trivial in such conditions.


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        Sorry, messed up the numbers. You have 99,9% of the file to yourself to fill with hash-colliding garbage.


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          Excellent point, hadn't thought of that. While both gzip and bzip2 permit such data, they make it detectable; xz doesn't permit it, zip not only permits it but says nothing. So this is a valid hole for zips.


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            Originally posted by Shnatsel View Post
            There actually is a good demos pack but it's not very demanding and I can't figure out how to do a timedemo, there doesn't seem to be a way to do it without altering the code. There's no documented timedemo, only a GUI...
            If anybody is willing to help change that, it's probably best to start off by posting to

            I've checked out vegastrike and it looks ancient. I don't think anybody gives a damn how it performs nowadays. No timedemo support, of course.
            a) it is just under livid development.
            b) if you checked it out - how much time did you spent on playing it?
            c) timedemo is just a mission to script :P

            but hey, a bunc h of 'benchmarks' all running basically the same eninge (*quake) are really saying sooo much.

            Besides, why is ut2004 never included? Yes, it is old. But it doesn't look half as bad as most of the *quake descendants used. And it would give a much more rounded picture.
            What about the Unigine benchmarks. Why aren't they run?


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              Unigine benches are not GL compliant and do not run on Mesa. But I bet you knew that.


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                inb4 someone complains you can set overrides. Pampering over non-compliant software is just wrong.