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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    Apple reports MacBook Air to the sysfs interface as the motherboard string.
    See, that's the problem right there. You can't pass the blame on to others and expect a user, looking for info on the Macbook Air, to see it listed as a motherboard and think "Wait, what? The Air is a motherboard?? Oh wait... that's right, it's probably just the sysfs interface being fed with a bogus motherboard string.". What will actually happen is this: "Wait, what? The Air is a motherboard?? What a huge FAIL! Screw this... I'm going back to real tech sites". You need some kind of filtering and correction tables for these kind of situations, otherwise it will look like a very unprofessional and unfinished site. You want a good site? Give the user what he wants instead of excuses.

    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    Along the top; 'Hardware Index' link
    Which is so minuscule that it's hard to see. Also, the fact that it's separated from where all the searching and results action is going on doesn't help.