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    I logged into it.What are things I can do right now on its current stage ? I clicked "create-suite"
    It said

    Coming Soon

    This feature is currently disabled.
    So currently,I can only view any already existing results. Is this correct?
    And also If you can added some-kind of screencast or podcasting on "how to create test-suite" or "how to run it" etc . that must be extremely useful for new users.


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      Originally posted by huygens_25 View Post
      I too have a registration problem.
      I went on the registration page, enter the data, and I got an email to activate my account. I click on it and try to login, however it tells that the password is wrong.
      I've tried to reset then the password, I get another email with another link for that, but it does not work as I get a message which tells that I must first activate the account...

      So I thought of registering another account and really quadruple checking my password while typing. But I hit the same exact error messages.

      I'm using FF 4b12 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
      For the record, the same thing happened to me today. I even tried twice, with two different usernames and emails. (dnebdal and danneb , if that helps somehow).