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    Originally posted by Del_ View Post
    Michael, I really like your naming scheme. Just want to inform you that your translation of karsk is wrong, it does not mean quick. Karsk is a word exclusive to the mid-part of Norway (Tr?ndelag). It refers to the local traditional drink where coffee is mixed with moonshine, no sugar or cream. The moonshine is supposed to be unflavoured and at least 90%. I think the name bodes well for the new test-suite :-)
    Yeah, I've had Karsk before in S?r-Tr?ndelag... Though it was there where I also was told that karsk literally means quick/fast. Hmm.
    Michael Larabel


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      It might mean that if you look in a dictionary but if it does its usage is entirely deprecated. Its usage is confined solely to the hillbilly cocktail.


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        Ah, that eplains why I had no idea what karsk was or meant; for a second there I thought I was a poor Norwegian .


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          A quick look in the dictionary tells me that 'karsk' is derived from the old norse word 'karskr', which indeed seem to be translated to either quick/brisk or courageous/bold.