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The Five Stages of Benchmark Loss

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    Originally posted by dashcloud View Post
    Does the same sort of thing happen when Windows benchmarks like 3DMark or other suites are run?
    Are you kidding me? You should be read some comments after some site posts benchmarks where one video card or CPU performs consistently better than another. A lot of the article writers know that a flame war is going to happen so they will end the article with something like, "let the flame wars begin." It always amazes me how emotional people get about flaws being found in something. They always take it as a personal attack. That attitude probably comes about from the trolls who do try to use flaws and regressions as personal attacks. That's a whole other problem.

    Stuff like this always reminds me of when I used to work on cars. People were always so dedicated to their brands, Ford vs Chevy, Honda vs Toyota. I admit that I'm partial to Fords and older Dodge products, but I'm not dillusional and believe that they make perfect vehicles. I like those companies beause of their history and I tend to like their styling better, but every model made by every manufacturer has some flaws and every manufacturer has some model that has more than an acceptible number of flaws. They are all mechanical and made by humans, they ALL break. My favorite argument to listen to was how much better Toyotas were than all other manufacturers. I like Toyota, but I could, at that time, list off 10 - 15 major flaws found in various models. People just need to learn to accept the fact that everything has flaws, man made or not, but especially man made items. There is no such thing as the perfect OS, software, car, coffee maker, whatever. The important thing is that when flaws or regressions are found is that someone takes a serious look at it, tries to reproduce it, if it's reproducible then fix it. Why does that have to involve personal attacks?