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Skype 4.3 For Linux Released With Updated UI

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    Originally posted by jbernardo View Post
    I particularly love how you write "DON'T try to tinker with it". So now linux should be something like windows, that users aren't allowed to tinker with because it might break the unstable crap that has been added in the last couple of years?
    Oh, you are free to tinker to your hearts content, but nobody gives a guarantee that everything will work after your tinkering. It's even written so in the license ;-). So the bottom line is - the distros are packaged in a certain way, that the people who did the packaging felt right. If you want to change that, it means you know what you are doing and you can handle any breakages, by tweaking the configs or even patching the source code if needed. The message is clear - if you have the proper skills then do as you please.


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      Originally posted by jimbohale View Post
      Edit button went away after 5 minutes.
      Sorry about that, my fault.
      Originally posted by jimbohale View Post
      No, LFS is not a properly packaged distribution. If you happen to do it correctly, then yes it is, but until it's packaged correctly it's not.
      That is why I stated that for you LFS wasn't probably a proper distribution.
      Originally posted by jimbohale View Post
      [...]That said, it's the idiots that suggest removing PulseAudio that just confuse me. It's literally one of the driving features for Windows and Mac users, an audio system that requires zero tinkering when used with Ubuntu or Kubuntu (NOW, not 3-4 years ago). Wayland is nice but it's not necessarily a driving force, and the same with systemd.
      For me, its the idiots that think that Linux must attract Windows and Mac users no matter what, even if it means alienating those who prefer Linux and the Unix way of work (small, independent, easily replaceable apps instead of monolithical fuck-ups) that upset me.
      There was a saying in the 90s that if you built a fool-proof OS only fools would like to use it. Seems like a few are driving Linux from a powerful, power user oriented OS to a dumbed down, fool-proof OS, that only windows/mac users will want to use.
      With windows whenever I had one issue (unsupported hardware, crashing stuff, etc.) I always depended on the vendor to solve it if they felt like it. With Linux, usually it was just a question of replacing some app with an alternative, or in extreme cases patching and fixing the code directly. Now? With systemd it is almost impossible to replace it with an alternative. With pulseaudio it isn't like that right now because it was so bad at start that everyone needed to replace it. And for older machines it still adds so much latency that it is best to remove it, independently of your opinion. But that is what the pulseaudio, systemd advocates don't get. There is no "one true way". Power users don't want to be tied to a huge behemoth that tries to do too much, and that is so tied to your system that can't be easily taken out and replaced. It doesn't matter that for 90% of the use cases it works. It is not a desirable solution if it doesn't work for some, and can't be quickly replaced. And dumbing down a power user system to attract windows users will only scare away power users.
      Oh well, maybe it is time to move to BSD (even if I prefer the GPL license). It seems like the "dumb it down" crowd is in the majority now.


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        In that case, I guess I'll have to see if I can get Windows Skype running inside Wine or VirtualBox+WinXP in case I'm not finish ditching it (and MSN Messenger via Pidgin too, I'm guessing) by the cut-off.
        Windows XP in Virtualbox will be no option. The current versions of Skype don't work in XP, and the older versions will be blocked, so Skype and XP will be a nogo in the future.