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Improv Open ARM Board Failure Leads To A Ton Of In-Fighting

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    Originally posted by k1l_ View Post
    so you are not even denying that kde powers shitstorms against canonical. that proves enough...
    I don't get it. What does it prove? Sorry, I find your thoughts a bit hard to follow. Maybe I'm just stupid or something. Can you explain it again from the beginning?

    if he would said that in a civil manner i would not complain about that.
    What did he say then? Must have been awful for you. Never fun when people are being uncivil to you and using all kinds of insults.

    telling everyone that they have no clue what they are doing (and making a big shitstorm out of that) and on the other hand not beeing able to prove the points yourself while making it the selfappointed "right" way.
    I'm sorry, I'm probably just stupid, but I still don't understand how that leads to the failure of Vivaldi and Improv. Can you retrace the steps for me?

    Some people work very hard (you including) to make some open source projects look bad.
    Me? You mean me personally? Now it sounds like you're accusing me of something. Explain yourself.


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      And today the official MakePlayLive forum seems unreachable (error 502): ...


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        Originally posted by genx View Post
        And today the official MakePlayLive forum seems unreachable (error 502): ...
        Downtime: 4 days and counting. It does not seem to be their priority (in case anyone would still believe so).


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          I feel that the problem with projects such as these is they try to do too much at the same time.

          Want an open-source-hardware tablet? Let's work on that.
          Want to get an open-source alternative to Android? Let's work on that.

          But by god it is biting off more than you can chew trying to do it all at once. I know, it's the dream, but for me it's the reason I moved away from KDE: I felt they were loosing their focus on creating an excellent open-source desktop to follow tablet dreams.

          I wish them the best of luck (it's seems they're not having it right now), but please guys, consider focusing on killer software, and let the hardware come more naturally. If instead of thinking of writing free software, RMS just decided to do an open-source printer, the world might just be a very strange place today (or maybe not, and someone else would eventually pick up the torch).

          Open-source software still has a way to go (especially on tablets and phones) before we really need to cross into the open hardware realm.