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Mozilla To Begin Pushing Ads To The New Tabs Page

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  • Originally posted by Luke View Post
    A self-employed person is an artisan, not a capitalist. A capitalist is someone who profits of the labor of others who work for him.
    We're talking about capitalism, the economic system. In which plenty of people are self-employed and work for themselves, no matter what you call them. Such work is encouraged under capitalism, not discouraged.


    • As a longtime Firefox user myself, I don't mind at all Mozilla pushing these basic ads into the browser as they better try to capitalize off the web browser. Ads are a way of life on the Internet; as a publisher myself dependent upon ads for making a living, and believer in capitalism, great job Mozilla.
      LOL you made my day, Michael. Especially this "great job" was very inspiring

      Ad-blocker enabled again after 7 years.
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