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Mono Developers Regret Doing Moonlight In C++

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  • Mono Developers Regret Doing Moonlight In C++

    Phoronix: Mono Developers Regret Doing Moonlight In C++

    Yesterday Phoronix was the first to widely report on the news this week that Cairo is being looked at for a potential 2D drawing C++ standard. It's still being evaluated by the ISO C++ standards committee but it's an interesting topic and already drew lots of feedback. Now Miguel de Icaza of Mono fame has chimed in on the matter...

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    I thought Moonlight was written in C#...


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      I wonder to which language is he making the comparison. C? C#?


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        The only thing i dislike about c++ i that it exists.

        Joking aside, i would use c++ if c and c++ was one language.
        In the end we all pick language that has all libs we need, the speed difference is not that huge(if you are not using script languages, ofc)


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          Originally posted by Honton View Post
          C++ is the only kind of prison that will make the time go backwards while entropy increases. The thermodynamic equilibrium for C++ is the 80s and a self sustained nuclear melt down. C++ is the Chernobyl of code writing.
          This was... beautiful.

          Originally posted by Nobu
          I thought Moonlight was written in C#...
          No, the Moonlight runtime is written in C++. It's one of the reasons it sucks.


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            C++ in general sucks. Only "IT guys" who never touch code tend to think otherwise.

            It is not that it doesn't have its uses. It does. But more often than not, people overestimate its performance and underestimate its problems...


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              So much C++ hate, but I vastly prefer it to C, Java, C#, PHP, and Shell - all of which have gaping wounds just as badly as C++ does, but at least with C++11 I can just write everything like Python code and only do the ugly smear of crap on the dash every couple hundred lines.


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                Traditionally 2 types of bullshit(ters) have to follow after such an article: that C++ sucks or that it is better than C. In the Unix world the 1st type of bullshitters prevails, in the window$ world - the 2nd.


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                  TemplarGR and mark45, care to elaborate on what you dislike with C++, and disclose your language(s) of choice?


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                    C++ as opposed to what? C?