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What Linux Distribution Should Be Benchmarked The Most?

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  • What Linux Distribution Should Be Benchmarked The Most?

    Phoronix: What Linux Distribution Should Be Benchmarked The Most?

    Several Phoronix readers have brought up an important topic recently on Twitter and within our forums: what Linux distribution should really be be benchmarked the most? Ubuntu has traditionally been the most tested Linux platform here, but times may be changing...

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    Debian. Or Fedora. Certainly not Ubuntu with its Windowzian "innovations".


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      Arch linux or Gentoo ~unstable would be more appropriate since they have the latest packages. Ubuntu has taken a path with mir and its plain rotten.


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        :-) Of course :-)


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          How about Sabayon? It is to Gentoo as Ubuntu is to Debian. It's fairly easy to install and doesn't deviate much from "the conventional desktop Linux" stack as you say.


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            Could be Fedora or Debian or Open Suse.

            I in love for XFCE and Xubuntu too.


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              Fedora and Arch Linux are must.


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                Mint, because Mint is the most popular distro these days.


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                  Originally posted by ayandon View Post
                  Fedora and Arch Linux are must.
                  Why Arch? Arch is a community, it is not a distro for all. I think phoronix should benchmark distribution with put the focus in the end-user.

                  Fedora is nice, and It is try be a distro for everyone.

                  Originally posted by prodigy_ View Post
                  Mint, because Mint is the most popular distro these days.
                  Mint is Ubuntu with a beautiful art and other desktop.
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                    Fedora benchmarks please.

                    Ubuntu can keep it's new home on phones/tablets and leave the mess it made of the desktop alone.


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                      I would propose openSUSE because you don't have the debug "problems" there and it's relatively easy to use a certain packagestate as a startpoint.


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                        Distros to be benchmarked


                        Comparisons IMHO should include:
                        1. Ubuntu 12.04.x - because that's the stable one, the people will use for business purpose, etc.
                        2. Ubuntu lastest - coz that's what other bunch of people use
                        3. ArchLinux - coz that's bleeding edge
                        4. Debian - the mother of bubuntus
                        5. Fedora - kinda bleeding edge, but quite popular

                        I don't think list should be larger, but one thing that could actually matter is using other type of kernels, like the one with BFQ disk scheduler, TuxOnIce, maybe BFS. So it's -pf kernel or -lqx.
                        In the end the there will be quite more work if You do include those, but that's what I'm interested in, just ubuntu and only the latest one, well not for me.



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                          No distro, just software

                          The question is wrong.
                          I think you should benchmark vanilla software in their latest stable release.
                          And no, i'm not talking about archlinux (which i use).
                          If you benchmark haswell, then you should benchmark software compiled for it, with appropriate cflags.

                          It is useless to came out with benchmarks like 64bit vs 32bit when 64bit builds are optimized for the whole cpu instruction set, while the 32bit one aren't. (i mean... it is unfair, probably features like sse3 and sse4 are left out, while supported, on 32bit builds, just because precompiled binaries).


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                            Please include Gentoo, I'd like to see what real benefits you gain from compiling all of your own software.

                            I don't use it, but it's really the only distro that has a huge difference between the conventional ones.
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                              Fedora Please