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How Linux friendly is this build?

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    Originally posted by DanL View Post
    The marketing department doesn't always adhere to grammar (or logic).
    The "marketing department" is actually 100% brilliant for creating a new word that can be trademarked so that its usage can be controlled and the consumer can know that they are purchasing a drive that meets the specifications.


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      It was meant to be amusing, I should have added a smiley to it :-)


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        Originally posted by Kristian Joensen View Post
        What worries me by Googling is that according to the Asrock website the MB supports Windows 8. That would imply that is supports Secureboot but that it can be disabled. But as far as I can tell there isn't the slighest mention of secureboot, much less disabling it in the manual.
        Windows 8 is not preinstalled, so it doesn't need Secure Boot. Even if it were available, it wouldn't be enabled by default to allow people to install Windows 7 or XP. It's really not a problem to use a Windows 8 compatible computer, at least if Windows 8 is not preinstalled or included with the computer.

        After all I think this is a very good choice. The hardware should all be working with Linux if you install the NVIDIA proprietary driver for the graphics.
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