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Beware of Imposters: Phorolinux [dot] com

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  • Beware of Imposters: Phorolinux [dot] com

    Roy has just brought to our attention the fact that someone has started an imposter linux reviews site called phorolinux [dot] com. It's a blatant ripoff of us any way you look at it. In any case be aware that this has nothing to do with us.

    Thanks Roy for the heads up.
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    Free publicity for that site just because they pretty much copied the Phoronix name? Not what I would do... but I do agree with the idea of letting this community know that you are not part of any other sites. Just don't give the URL to the offending sites since that can only help them.

    Let the sites come up with their own names, their own content and their own community. I would have never known about this particular one until reading this post, which would have been for the better for me and everyone else in this community.


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      well they don't seem like doing copy-and-paste on your site. so i don't see the problem. as long as the domain is free - anyone can take it, no matter what words it contains.


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        There are a lot of sites out there that have names close to the names of most visited sites, and I feel that this impostor site can even harbor malware or other hidden nasties. Be wary of such a site


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          i bet most people make profits from various mis-spells of google.


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            I don't know, even though the name maybe has some similarity, but the content of the site is completely different.


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              I was planning to start a blog called 'Moronix' before. A blog to show how much of a moron I am on Linux... would I be classified as an imposter?


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                What does "Phoro" mean?


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                  phoro- or phor-

                  Movement; direction; phoria: phoro-optometer.
                  Michael Larabel


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                    ah I understand, (U/Li)n(i/u)x movement. Thanks