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Richard Stallman Calls Ubuntu "Spyware"

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    Originally posted by Rallos Zek View Post
    Stallman again is right as ever.

    You Sir are either an idiot a troll, or an agent.
    You sir are either a troll or completely brainwashed.

    The FSF corrupted the terms 'free' and 'freedom'. And you fell for it. I am sorry for that but there might be help.

    I want to be free to do with MY computer what I WANT. That includes software that is 'evil' by FSF's agenda.
    In their perfect world, it would be impossible to do so. So they want to take away MY FREEDOM. I am sorry, but this people are like those 'revolutionaries' who behead everybody who critizeses them to 'protect free speech'.


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      RMS is just right on this. Yes, sometimes words from him or the FSF seem very strict and some efforts of them are a bit clumsy (the gifts for xmas suggestion list) but when they're right, they're just right. I avoid Ubunutu anyway but I know it is (was?) still a popular Distribution. That may have changed with Unity and their general behaviour, but this strange search function is another nail for the coffin. It actually tastes like this Windows software that always wants to install some ridiculous "toolbars" or Google Chrome or other stuff with it. They should have separated it all from the beginning, if there is a program called "find products on the Amazon marketplace" then it is okay cause it definitely tells you what it is and does. But having this half automated search in your normal "where did I put that darn file..." search just isn't desirable.
      And then it is even more routed via
      I mean, I would be really upset if somebody tried to sneak something like this into my file search.

      But thanks god I'm not on *buntu. It is just sad to see how they're going down the drain.


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        Stallman makes it sound more nefarious than it actually is.

        This is quite simply a way that canonical found to monetize linux.

        Their goal is to get revenue from what you buy AND NOT to spy or compile info on you.
 you can clearly see that it directs you to a canonical site where you are asked to logged in and then probably to amazon.


        I like and use Chromium and it clearly nodges you and tries to get you to sign up to google services and for you to store all your information, from pictures to bookmarks in the cloud... I am now using everything from google drive to youtube WITH THE FULL KNOWLEDGE that it's google's cloud.

        Every file I have on google drive, every bookmark, every video on youtube, every map location, etc etc it can be easily accessed by google and whoever google gives access to (law enforcement, govs, hackers, who knows), they have my pictures/friend contacts/phone numbers/name/ip's etc etc they probably (100%sure) know more about me than the last girl I fucked.

        I know that's the price of admission and because I like their services I willingly sacrifice my privacy.

        What canonical is asking for is not my privacy tho, what they are asking for is "Hey we are going to open up a communication line from your system to ours"

        no, this is really bad... the reason I left windows after I got hacked and installed uber firewalls was seeing all those apps and system processes dialing home to God knows where... sending information and being controlled by whomever wherever.

        I'm sorry but NO, you can have all my shit but when I click sign out I expect to be signed out.

        I even disconnect the NTP time synchro thing do you think I'm ok with having such a security risk?

        I would use ubuntu if the wallpaper was an amzon ad or if it had ads or ANY other thing that didn't compromise system security... and don't tell me it's not a security rish, anything that can be exploited WILL be exploited.

        I know it can be turned off but there's the nagging feeling on your mind that somewhere deep inside the code there's a couple of added lines opening up ports and processes and shit.

        btw canonical if you're reading: I wouldn't mind PAYING for a linux distro (you can actually sell linux distros no probs) as long as it had a superior UI etc..


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          Originally posted by TheBlackCat View Post
          I can't help but notice that all the people arguing that Stallman is a zealot (which I honestly can't disagree with), harmful, an enemy of freedom, an idiot, or whatnot have not bothered to explain why he is wrong in this particular case. As Churchill said, "The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes". Just asserting that he is an idiot, crazy, irrelevant, harmful, or whatever (not that I agree he is) does not mean that he is wrong about Ubuntu containing spyware and adware.
          If somebody claims a program is spyware he have to PROVE it! Otherwise he is only proving he is an liar!!! It doesn't work in the contrary sense!!!
          The problem is that is very cheap to talk and harrass other people and make them to loose money, and because of that it is unfair!

          If anybody did like Stalkman he could probably say something like "I'm The Messiah" and that the rest of the world must prove he is wrong! An absolute nonsense!!!!

          Other statements that fit in that cathegory are:

          - Good and evil
          - UFOs
          - Drackula
          - ...
          - And of course ghosts and Stalkman


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            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            Once again he has proven himself to be completely clueless to what most people WANT to do on their computers. People want software and application, not licenses.
            some of them also want that their OS doesn't send user data to third parties without them being notified about it.
            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            Linux users complain about commercial software vendors not offering Linux versions of their software, and when said vendor actually takes the trouble to provide a Linux port, they get flamed because their software is not FOSS.
            a small minority of Linux users complains about proprietary software offered on Linux. This doesn't matter much.
            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            Case in point:
            - AMD did not support Linux with binary blobs until recently. FOSS cried foul that Linux was not suppoted
            - AMD released buggy fglrx. FOSS cried foul that the drivers were subpar
            - AMD improved fglrx greatly. FOSS cried foul because the closed nature of fglrx prevented them from leaching code that could be used for the free Radeon driver
            - AMD released specifications for graphics chipsets. FOSS cried foul because those specifications were 'insufficient'...and they can't even get RadeonSI working properly after alll the noise they make
            Aha Free and open-source software cries. That's probably meant as joke.

            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            If the FOSS community is so capable, why can't they do everything without crying foul on how they cannot leech code from proprietary sources?[...]
            If FOSS developers leeched code from proprietary software, they would be sued for it. I'm not aware that the FOSS community ever cried about this.

            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            Why did it take so long for FOSS to come out with GIMP [...]
            after the linux kernel was released it took 5 or 6 years until GIMP was released. Maybe they didn't work on it earlier, because their was more need for other things.

            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            A developer community which has no idea of what today's users actually need to do on a computer has no right to tell people what they should/should not do. Period.
            They may tell us whatever they want as long as it isn't against the laws.


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              Stallman did more to advance computer sciences than all you put together and multiplied by 2093293 did.

              The choice he made with going with FSF etc .. instead of getting some high paying job at microsoft or whatever other multinational corp

              IS TO BE COMMENDABLE.

              there are some people who want to help others/the world and other people who just want to make money.

              guess where stallman and that jonobacon fit


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                Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
                Originally posted by Rallos Zek View Post
                Stallman again is right as ever.
                Stallman is an idiot, full stop.
                Definition of TROLLING is:
                (a) Bashing people's persona and giving insults to people that does not share your views.
                (b) Not having an argument to share and going back to (a)
                (c) Changing the subject and talking about Off-topic things instead of sharing arguments.

                So most people just saying "Stallman is this and Stallman is that" are plain simly TROLLS.

                Stallman INVENTED Free software terms and GPL licensing long before any of this Closed source - privacy degrading fanboys were ever born.
                (Or people on public forums like this that DO NOT UNDERSTAND what GU/LINUX is actually about).

                But Discussion here is not about Stallman.
                It is About UBUNTU and UNITY and all those services from Canonical that does not inform me, let me control my data flows inside my computer,
                but making arrangements with third parties about my personal data flow, INSTEAD of MAKING ARRANGEMENTS WITH ME, the USER!

                Ubuntu went over it's own Code of conduct, Canonical betrayed it's users and at the end, "main guy" behind Canonical toes not care about being ethic anymore.
                I think that it furher prooves Ubuntu is Canonical's pet and community of users can not do a thing to make things change.
                We can just NOT USING UINTY.
                And since Unity's architecture is made out of principle: "Make cash fast" "Do not care about privacy" "Subside to power of large evil companies" "Screw users" "Who care about their needs we know better how to turn Ubuntu in Commercial cesspool" ,
                then using some OTHER GNU/Linux distribution but Ubuntu is HIGHLY ADVISABLE. (Take a look at non-Unity Xubuntu)

                No one can ever stop you from killing yourself and use non-free proprietary software.
                People just say BE AWARE - you are fucked.
                And Open source does not protect you from mistreating the Users like you and me.
                It is people that FORK from bad things and people as Stallman that make you AWARE of things that guard your freedom.
                And put attention to bad people infiltrated inside Canonical that do not want you to be aware of company working against your human rights.
                Last edited by Markore; 12-08-2012, 08:04 AM.


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                  Originally posted by peperoni View Post
                  If somebody claims a program is spyware he have to PROVE it! Otherwise he is only proving he is an liar!!! It doesn't work in the contrary sense!!!
                  How, exactly, does it not fit the dictionary definition of spyware?

                  Here it is again, in case you missed it the first time:

                  noun, Computers.
                  software, installed unknowingly, that gathers information about an Internet user's browsing habits or intercepts personal data, transmitting this information to a third party for commercial gain.

                  What part of this does Ubuntu not match?

                  "software" Ubuntu is unquestionably software

                  "installed unknowingly" the spyware software incorporated into the distribution is installed without informing or asking the user. Like most apps bundled with spyware, this is only mentioned in the fine print of an agreement nobody reads. If Ubuntu isn't spyware because of this, then there is no such thing as spyware.

                  "that gathers information about an Internet user's browsing habits or intercepts personal data" I have a hard time imaging a situation where search terms used on a local machine are not "personal data"

                  "transmitting this information" information is transmitted over the internet

                  "to a third party" this is transmitted to Canonical, which is a third party compared to the user (again, if you use this part of the definition to invalidate the definition, then there is no such thing as spyware)

                  "for commercial gain" it is explicitly for commercial gain.

                  So it fits word-for-word the dictionary definition. This isn't really a matter of much disagreement, I have not seen anyone come up with an argument for why it isn't spyware that doesn't also work for a large amount of commonly-accepted spyware programs.


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                    I guess Microsoft's PR trolling campaign is in full swing, because I have a hard time believing that a Linux forum could be so full of people with utter disregard for the principles of open source if they aren't being paid by Microsoft. A little of Steve "Epic Fail" Ballmer's "Beating Linux at it's own game", using the tried and true Microsoft playbook of unethical and illegal business practices.

                    Richard Stallman wrote GDB, among other timeless pieces of open source software that people all over the world rely on everyday. Writing GDB and porting it to every architecture and embedded system/device on earth takes a special kind of genius, that is not even in the same category of software development as any of you developing some goofy website or Qt userland application. I use GDB everyday to debug low level C code, and there still hasn't been a viable alternative to it developed, even though Stallman wrote it back in the 90s.

                    He has more intelligence in one of his pubic hairs than all of you knuckleheads put together. The fact that so many anonymous trolls would try to assassinate his character for stating something that is patently true, casts suspicion upon your motives.


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                      it is not spyware because

                      1- it's an integral part of the system, AS IN it already comes with it, you don't install it or it is intalled

                      2- it has a on/off switch

                      3- you are aware of what it does and how it does what it does.

                      4- it is contained in the dash searches and doesn't 'spill out' to other queries

                      show me more spyware processes that let you switch them off?

                      btw ars technica is now running this story and someone posted this there


                      WTF lololololol



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                        First, there is nothing in the standard definition of spyware that includes any of these. Further, all of your exceptions would also apply to many other programs that are commonly accepted to be bundled with spyware.

                        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                        1- it's an integral part of the system, AS IN it already comes with it, you don't install it or it is intalled
                        Lots of programs with legitimate purposes come bundled with spyware. In fact it is an extremely common way of distributing spyware.

                        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                        2- it has a on/off switch
                        Not very useful if you don't even know the spyware is there. And there are plenty of programs that come bundled with spyware but have some obscure configuration option somewhere to turn it off.

                        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                        3- you are aware of what it does and how it does what it does.
                        Not if it is only listed on a website buried in the terms of use or something like that.

                        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                        4- it is contained in the dash searches and doesn't 'spill out' to other queries
                        So, it is still spying on your searches. The fact that the spying is targeted does not mean it is not spying, lots of spyware has targeted spying.


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                          More Microsoft-payed disinformants

                          Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                          it is not spyware because
                          1- it's an integral part of the system, AS IN it already comes with it, you don't install it or it is intalled
                          Buahahahaha. Join Microsoft-funboy forum this is not one of them. If spyware is installed with the machine/OS, then it is not spyware?? Buahahahaa.
                          2- it has a on/off switch
                          No it does not. I tried to remove all the spyware parts from uinty and could not do it.
                          And addons to it behave in even worse way then the original.
                          Also it does not ASK people before install if they wat to be SPYED or not. - Also say hello to Microsoft again.
                          3- you are aware of wat it does and how it does what it does.
                          NO I was NOT AWARE utill I realised by my own investigation what it does. Also it should NOT do what it does.
                          I it is BAD thing and against the laws of many nations to make a system that removes BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to control the flow ow my own information on my own computer. It is also bad because remove me from control of my system. Alo Microsoft is your payer here, too.
                          4- it is contained in the dash searches and doesn't 'spill out' to other queries
                          Buahahaha, how about Amazon KNOWING my IP and EVRY DAMN THING I WORK AND SEARCH ON MY OWN COMPUTER?
                          YOU sir, are amazingly false informed.
                          show me more spyware processes that let you switch them off?
                          How about Whole UNITY and Whole default Ubuntu installation. How about not using it anymore because,
                          WHOLE userland (all can be closed source and all fro third parties) only INCREASE my personal exposure as the user to all that greedy companies directly from my personal computer??
                          I might also Never start using "Ubuntu for Android" , because they will Continue to spy me even there.


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                            Markore has nailed it.

                            It's amazing how many people allegedly don't object to a corporation collecting data on things they do on their PC, as long as it meets their ever shifting criteria of "adequate disclosure", aka, not being done completely covertly. Then in Ubuntu 13.04 when they kick the spyware up another notch, the Microsoft PR trolls will adjust their definition of "adequate disclosure", all the way until it hits the point of "yeah, Ubuntu has more spyware in it than the average download from CNET, but if you're not doing anything wrong, why should you care if big brother is watching you?"

                            I've been an advocate of Ubuntu since 2008 because it "just works" relative to other distros, but I'm going to retry all of the others and if I can at all justify dumping Ubuntu for another distro, I'm going to do it. I've even gotten them corporate support agreements in the past by influencing my employers, but I'm going to be content letting employers use RedHat from now on if they don't change their ways, despite my feelings that RedHat has massively incomplete package repositories based on antiquated versions of everything...


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                              I'm not an ubuntu user but I have been using ubuntu a1 13.04 since it came out...

                              " No it does not. I tried to remove all the spyware parts from uinty and could not do it. "


                              I will make and upload a video right now just to prove you wrong:

                              online search one = shows amazon items

                              online search off = doesn't

                              right click taskbar and delete the amazon icon

                              THERE YOU DELETED THE SPYWARE

                              SO DO TELL ME WHAT OTHER 'SPYWARE' IS THERE, because I have been monitoring network and with ONLINE SEARCH OFF IT IS SILENT SO STOP LYING.

                              "3- you are aware of wat it does and how it does what it does.
                              NO I was NOT AWARE utill I realised by my own investigation what it does."

                              well this must be your first time here in this forum, or ars technica or distrowatch or basically any tech site BECAUSE THE FREAKING AMAZON THING IS ALL THAT IS TALKED ABOUT FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

                              STOP FUCKING LYING AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS

                              IT IS AMAZON ADWARE, pure and simple

                              IT IS CANONICAL'S WAY TO MONETIZE UBUNTU.

                              Don't want to deal with it, pick one:

                              a- turn it off

                              b- use other distro

                              but this grabbing pitchforks and getting on the first page of ars telling people not to use ubuntu or asking them not to recommend to others

                              fuck you.

                              everybody has gotta eat and everybody has gotta make a little money

                              and this is coming from someone who HATES AMAZON (sold me headphones refused to cover warranty)

                              canonical's contribution to linux has not been small and some of their ideas like the software center have been BRILLIANT.

                              in linux you can pretty much setup arch or compile gentoo AND YOU WILL KNOW EXACTLY BYTE BY BYTE what is there

                              why the fuck is there a need to damage canonical or ubuntu as a distro???????????????????????'''


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                                Originally posted by asdx
                                Why "deluded" if what he says is true?
                                Here's our Nouveau hero at it once again. I guess we all have to understand and express our deepest condolences towards your brain that's just not advanced enough to process the matter in hand.

                                Well, please, let me know what do you think of the fact that I absolutely despise Nouveau and would rather see it burn and then spit on the ashes... because, you see, you believe it's an actual person that will hurt it's feelings once you start talking bad sh*t behind it's back.

                                Also please let me know what he thinks!

                                Originally posted by Loafers View Post
                                An old, but always funny and relevant joke: How do you know someone uses Arch Linux? They'll tell you.
                                Well, my dear friend, as if it were any of your business the one I wanted was taken and I'm not very good at coming up with names for the internets so I just went with the distro I wanted to show my appreciation to. For your ass, my previous nick name has been "Intrepid Ibex" for quite some time.

                                So you see it has nothing at all to do with me being some elitist wannabe may it be your beautiful logic that would inevitably come to such conclusion or not, because, you know, you're a moron.

                                And your "joke" that you're so pleased to be praising here is not only _not_ funny and irrelevant but even goes so far as to tell me that your sense of humor is actually so worthless that it's invalid.

                                Maybe one day you'll see what I'm talking about and be able to fully appreciate this brain-deadiness you seem to pack in this somewhat stupidly malformed object that you call your own head.
                                Last edited by ArchLinux; 12-08-2012, 12:11 PM.