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ATI/AMD is not the Linux graphics Messiah

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  • ATI/AMD is not the Linux graphics Messiah

    Phoronix is a really great site and I visit/RSS daily. Unfortunately, I feel that the all the ATI/AMD cheerleading is getting to be too much. Great ATI has FINALLY gotten their heads out of the sand. Their leadership in handing over GPU specs is just the sort of movement the Linux community needed and wanted. That said, I don't want to know every bloody detail about how great ATI is 3 or 4 times a day. OpenSource issues aside, there is one reason I always have bought NVIDIA products, their drivers JUST WORK. No ridiculous hassles. Yes I know they're proprietary, and Richard Stallmanites will curse my grandchildren, but I don't care right now. I just want working drivers as well as superior GPU design & performance. ATI has not provided the kind of user EXPERIENCE that NVIDIA currently does, period. I often wonder why Phoronix has this ATI axe to grind? Speaking for myself, I've seen enough ATI/AMD news to last me for a few months, possibly years.

    YES! Enough already with ATI/AMD articles!
    NO! All ATI All the time is fine with me!
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    I don't agree with your post. I like to hear what AMD is up to, and I don't think that anyone can successfully argue that it isn't relevant to Linux and open source in general... now more than ever.

    And you probably already know this, but your poll doesn't have any worthwhile options, the question asked is worded in a way that shows your viewpoint, and forum polls shouldn't just be used to get people to read your post.

    EDIT: Not only that, but if you don't want to hear about AMD/ATI-related happenings then by all means don't read them. It's not like just because you come to this forum you have to read the AMD/ATI posts and articles. There are subforums for a reason, and there are also plenty of other topics to read about besides AMD/ATI.

    Originally posted by fatboysmith
    there is one reason I always have bought NVIDIA products, their drivers JUST WORK
    This is the exact excuse I hear from too many people to count on why they choose Windows over Linux.
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      Well, AMD has been very active in the *nix world lately, so it only makes sense that there is alot of news on them. Its not cheerleading or anything, its just how things are right now.

      You say that the nVidia drivers just work, well, this is how Phoronix is working right now, covering AMD since well, AMD is again, as I said, active. When you're active, you know what happens, theres news. Theres things to read. Interesting things start happening. Its just the way it is dude.

      I think alot of people really need to sit back and just relax.


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        I don't understand, in the past, we complained about the lack of support and attention from AMD/ATI for the state of Linux drivers.

        Now, they (finally) put in the effort and produce a driver that show significant improvement. They give out spec for their graphic chips! This is not a dream, it really happens!

        These are what we been asking, shouting or demanding for a very long time, and finally getting some responses AMD/ATI.

        Yet, I still see people making a lot of complains.

        Yes, I know currently, it is not a perfect and bug free driver. Yes, I know there are still a lot work needs to be done in order to feel or have these benefits. However, it is also undeniable, this is an excellent start and a sign of new (and better) beginning.

        These are all wonderful news, and they are the news for forum such as Phoronix should be reporting. Phoronix is a forum about Linux/Solaris + Hardware (if you are not sure, please read the title of this forum). It is natural for such forum to talk more about these news, what else do you expect this forum to talk about??

        As a Linux user, I welcome these news enthusiastically and really praise AMD/ATI for their effort. If the end result really delivered what was promised, ATI product will definitely be in my next list item for purchase.
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          does phoronix have more than one rss channel?

          if the answer is yes [i don't know myself] - no problems there. just subscribe to some non-ati channel. don't like it - don't read it.

          there is one reason I always have bought NVIDIA products
          oooh i see.....

          what if phoronix published lots of benchmarks for nvidia cards when the new revolutionary nvidia driver would be out [just a speculation] ? would that be unfair, because they would focus too much on nvidia?
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            Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
            does phoronix have more than one rss channel?

            if the answer is yes [i don't know myself] - no problems there. just subscribe to some non-ati channel. don't like it - don't read it.
            I don't think it does, I think it only has one for all the articles and reviews for the site, and one for the forums. But Michael would know better than us. But i'm pretty sure.


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              Well it's pretty big news, so of course it's going to be covered quite a lot. Most people have been waiting for years for their cards to work under linux.

              gotta say this: ATI/AMD arn't the linux graphics messiah, they're just a very naughty boy :P


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                I'm sure psychologists would note that Voting No if you want to be positive is tricky. I almost voted wrongly There just are too many buttons on a pc


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                  Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
                  does phoronix have more than one rss channel?

                  if the answer is yes [i don't know myself] - no problems there. just subscribe to some non-ati channel. don't like it - don't read it.

                  For the forums, you can subscribe to individual sub forums via RSS therefore would be avoiding the ATI content in the Phoronix Forums. For the site there is one main RSS feed, but if you see something with AMD in the title, you can just easily delete it.
                  Michael Larabel


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                    First, conclusions often include "AMD is going to improve their drivers", but there are never the same articles, only same conclusions.

                    Second, AMD is going to improve their driver/OSS-Support. They don't have improved it. It is a timeframe we're talking about, not a driver release.


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                      I have been a nvidia user/fanboy for a long time, never bought anything Ati. But none the less, AMD/Ati releasing specs for their GPU's is great news.
                      And thus deserves all the coverage it gets.

                      This ladies and gentlemen is our first man on the moon, our Normandy beach landing! (very, very much toungue in cheek ) All the whining and moaning has finally paid of. Do you think if it was Microsoft who was begging for open source drivers this would ever have happened? Hell no! They wouldnt even have bought up Ati because there is real competition on the GPU market, something that MS cant handle very well.

                      AMD has always been a strong supporter of linux, remember linux had working support for 64bit CPU's long before Windows ever did. AMD supplied the code themselves. AMD has drasticaly lowered the bar for releasing hardware specs to the community, which we all benefit from.

                      The new drivers will have a big imapact on the ppl who dont know linux so well that they can fix it if it doesnt work after installing. Atleast if they got Ati gpus. No more "Black screen after boot on Ati". AMD/Ati stuff will be the recommended hardware, the stuff that "just works" for real.

                      It will be very intressting to see what Nvidias next move will be. Because as of now theres a real choice on the linux part of the GPU market.


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                        yes, certainly great news. I was whining for this from days of my R200 agp card to Radeon 9600se card but when beryl started to get ugly and Ati stopped supporting old cards (old meaning released 6 months ago etc) I had to ditch and jump the ship.

                        I am sure ATI started to feel the heat with marketing team showing powerpoint presentations showing Sales sloping down etc. Thats exactly how businesses will listen to customers.

                        Same with nvidia, they won't release any opensource stuff unless they have too.

                        Anyway, I think its finally good for community, One mountain is crossed , many more like this are waiting.

                        Cheers to Opensource