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What Linux Users Need To Know When Holiday Shopping For PC Hardware

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  • Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    Yea, that's what I meant. Should have been more clear, sorry. By "selected" and "not selected" I meant the "On" and "Off" parameters, not "Auto".
    By the way I just tested UEFI/EFI whatever boot with Debian Wheezy beta disk.

    1. The boot menu showed an option to boot UEFI from the CD-ROM.
    2. I selected UEFI.
    3. I clicked through installation of Debian with default settings, noticing that Debian made UEFI boot partition.
    4. I rebooted the computer and everything worked (except sounds, but that's another issue).
    5. I upgraded the kernel to fix sound issue and to see can Debian upgrade the kernel without messing UEFI.
    6. I Rebooted and the sounds worked with the new libre kernel.

    Conclusion: For a normal user UEFI can be at the moment with the Gigabyte mobo/BIOS very trivial and simple.


    • Helloo..

      what you want to know please clearify your statement...



      • More Logitech support

        I have just noticed logitech "unifying" mouse/keyboard battery support was added to upower october 30th as per
        It might be a good addition to the keyboard/mouse section of the article ;-)

        BTW, great article!