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Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Phoronix: Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM

    It's not even Friday yet, but there's more awkward entertainment today at the expense of Linux kernel trolls. The latest in the series of weird messages hitting the Linux kernel mailing list is a proposal to drop support for all CPU architectures but ARM and a new "invisible" file-system feature...
    It is quite obvious by the fact that you KEEP FEEDING THE FUCKING TROLLS, that YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, MICHAEL LARABEL


    I propose banning larabel/phoronix from linux.


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      Originally posted by asdx
      Give us some of the money you make Michael, or I'll never troll your forums again.
      That's a candidate for one of the dumbest things I've seen on these forums, and it effectively confirms you're a failure as a troll.


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        You're whale cum

        Originally posted by asdx
        STFU crybaby.
        You're welcome, poser.
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          I actually find the the threads 'funny' and atleast somewhat entertaining.

          But obvious troll is obvious. nobody noticed the 'lawl' in the name?


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            This is just silly... both the Article and the attitude of some users.


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              Originally posted by asdx
              I agree. Fuck you Michael and your shitty site.
              The site is not shitty but this article and the like are made from pure Michael greediness.


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                Fuck Phoronix

                Fuck you Michael Larabel you asshole!
                Fuck Phoronix!

                Wouldn't surprise me if Phoronix gets DDoS attacked because of Michael being a cunt.


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                  Now it seems people may port torches and pitchforks to burn Phoronix and lynch the editor.

                  Mates, are you seriously insulted by this article so hard to say what you are saying?


                  PS. Slandering could be legally reported as an offense. Think twice before post.


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                    Originally posted by asdx
                    It's lame also that you are linking to their crap. How is this news exactly?
                    Dude, it's kind of like linking to the crap contestants on 'American Idol'. What's the big deal? Michael's creating a bit of a humorous environment - we could all lighten up a bit!


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                      Originally posted by necro-lover View Post
                      <Awkward grammar and 4chan-style image>
                      Hi Q...
                      (character limits)


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                        Hey guys lets not feed the trolls, just laugh at the tin-hat whackos as they are just looking for ANYONE to believe them.


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                          Originally posted by Alliancemd View Post
                          The site is not shitty but this article and the like are made from pure Michael greediness.
                          Michael dosent get anything from the article if you dont click on it
                          and the title should tell you if you are the person that wants to read it

                          "Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM" should tell you really everything, its not obscured in any way

                          there are other tricks he uses to get an extra penny, but i forgive him since i get a lot of technical information from articles and forums

                          what is... ironic i guess is that people blame good sites and use and praise evil sites(google is more evil then you know)


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                            I am always amazed at the type of discussions taking place on the forum of this site that (generally) attempts to promote open source, gaming, and the latest developments in the Linux world.

                            Some of you seriously need to grow up and learn some respect.

                            I guess articles like this ARE good for something; refreshing the list of candidates for the 'Ignore' feature and identifying the latest batch of Phoronix trolls.


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                              I'm disappointed in asdx

                              He's not even trying. Anyone can just spew a bunch of obscenities together, it doesn't take any effort at all.

                              He should try learning from Qaridarium, a.k.a. necro-lover now. That guy could troll.


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                                Originally posted by asdx
                                What a bunch of whiners.
                                Indistinguishable from yourself.