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Middle East expert Christoph Hörstel:NATO war against Syria and Iran already going on

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  • Middle East expert Christoph Hörstel:NATO war against Syria and Iran already going on

    he point out that there are many NATO troops already in Syria and massive espionage with drones like the RQ170 in the Iran.

    also the usa only use the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to do espionage against the iran. they do the same with the Iraq first IAEA espionage all secrets and then later they use the same informations to bomb the Iraq nuclear power plant.

    also the usa use there weapons to force the iran to let the Strait of Hormuz open but this strait is iran sea ground they have all right to close there border to save there country.

    and no not international SEA the ship route is Iranian sea!

    in my point of view the Iran Really need nuclear weapons to defense them self.

    because: you are only save against the USA and Israel if you have nuclear long range rockets!

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    now the usa sending gasoline fuel jets to iseael to make sure the israel bombers can fly to iran and home with extra large bombs.

    also the usa sending bigger bunker-breaker bombs.

    and all this only for 3 month of peace and after the next president election the war can start.

    LOL the American people really only care about the USA election

    Peace? doesn't care!


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      maybe someone can translate this video?


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        Middle East expert Christoph Hörstel in the english news-

        this man really knows what he is speaking.

        this man knows better than any American politician.

        the politicians only talk he was in Afghanistan back in 2001 before the war starts in Afghanistan and he know how to talk to people.

        his point is first talk later start a war and not start a war and talk after the war.


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          Arabia send million of weapons to the rebels in Syria... no one can stop this war this is for sure.


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            next month will show us what usrael will do.

            they should do nothing because attacking first is not self defence.


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              Hope everything is ok now.

              I hope everything is now ok and peace is around them.