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Ron Paul a German with roots from Hohenzeller for US-Präsident.

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    • Ron Paul Supporters Exchange Patriot Hats for Pointed Hoods

      Supporters of Dr. Paul show their dedication through money bombs, internet polls and wardrobes. The most noticeable wardrobe of a Tea Party member is the Patriot hat and a tea bag or two hanging from these hats. The self-proclaimed “Godfather” of the Tea Party, Ron Paul, has been the symbolic figurehead of the movement. So it’s only natural that his supporters follow every move to show solidarity with his beliefs. After news of Paul’s affiliation with white supremacists, his supporters have decided to show their belief in his “free to support anything he wants” point of view. That’s right, thousands of live at home supporters have marched to their local “Whites Only” department stores to purchase pointed white hoods.

      Steven McNeil from St. Louis, Missouri had this to say on his Facebook status. “I’m not a racist, neither is Dr. Paul. His beliefs in a strong unified white nation, and the acts of lynching gays, blacks and illegals are no more racist then it is a freedom of expression. He hates people of color, but that does not affect his power to lead a nation.”

      A store owner in a small town in Kentucky said his place of business, “Negro Please”, has seen sales spike. “We have seen sales of our pointed hoods and waxed ropes almost triple over the last week. This town is a strong Ron Paul town, and it showed last month when Dr. Paul held a rally at Cotton Field Gardens, and almost 5,000 supporters showed up.” said the store owner who wanted to stay anonymous. When asked about a rumor of an African-American male and a Hispanic male being tossed out of the rally the store owner only replied with, “Them boys, didn’t fit in. We didn’t like their colored… t-shirts.”


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        • Ron Paul was Implicated In Failed White Supremacist Island Invasion

          ” … Given the scrutiny given to presidential candidates, shouldn’t Paul’s connection to an attempted violent invasion of a small island by white supremacists be re-investigated. If the media investigates every accusation of affairs or sexual harassment for Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich, shouldn’t they investigate accusations that Paul knew about a white supremacist plot to violently overthrow the government of a small Black island, especially with Paul’s other connections to white supremacists? … “

          In 1981, a lawyer tried to subpoena Ron Paul to testify in the trial of Don Black, a Grand Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan who would later go on to found the white supremacist, neo-Nazi website, Stormfront. Black was charged along with two other Klansmen with planning to violently overthrow the small Caribbean country of Dominica in what they called “Operation Red Dog.” While a judge refused to subpoena Paul, Don Black would come back to haunt him many years later.

          In 1981 a group of American and Canadian white supremacists lead by Klansman and mercenary, Michael (Mike) Perdue planned on taking over a small West Indian country called Dominica by overthrowing the government and Prime Minister Eugenia Charles and restoring its previous prime minister, Patrick Johns into power. The group planned to create an Aryan paradise in Dominica and make money through casinos, cocaine and brothels.

          On the day the group of white supremacists were supposed to travel to Dominica, they were arrested by ATF agents and were found with over thirty automatic weapons, shotguns, rifles, handguns, dynamite, ammunition, a confederate flag and a Nazi flag. The plan would be dubbed “The Bayou Of Pigs” after the failed invasion of Cuba.

          The leader of the group, Michael Perdue, would plead guilty to planning the coup and turned state’s evidence. Perdue would testify that several other people helped organize and fund the coup and that two Texas politicians were aware of the plan. Among those Perdue implicated were infamous white supremacist David Duke, former Texas Governor John Connally and Congressman Ron Paul, whom he claimed knew about the plot. Connally was credited with helping Paul win his first congressional election.

          A judge refused to subpoena Paul and Connally despite the fact that Perdue had claimed that both of them were aware of the plot. Don Black’s friend and fellow KKK Grand Wizard David Duke was called to testify before a grand jury but claimed that he would take the Fifth Amendment and never testified. While Duke was never charged with a crime, several books point to Duke as the organizer who connected Perdue to the other mercenary Klansmen and the people who funded their endeavor. (1 2 3)

          Everyone else implicated by Perdue was charged with the plot.Perdue implicated three men as funders of the plot, L.E. Matthews of Jackson, Mississippi, James C. White of Houston, and David Duke’s close friend and backer, J.W. Kirkpatrick. Kirpatrick would kill himself before he could stand trial and White and Matthews would be acquitted in court. Former Prime Minister of Dominica Patrick Johns would be sentenced to 12 years in prison for his part of the plot. Michael Perdue, Don Black and seven other Klansmen would be sentenced to only 3 years in prison.Ron

          Paul has never made a statement denying knowledge of the plot despite the fact that he was implicated by Perdue and almost subpoenaed. Two of the people involved in the plot, Don Black and David Duke, have gone on to become two of the most prominent white supremacists of the modern era, and also two of Paul’s most controversial supporters.

          Paul would be once again tied to Don Black 26 years after the Bayou Of Pigs. After it was revealed that Black donated $500 dollars to the Ron Paul Presidential campaign, Ron Paul’s campaign refused to give it back. Paul was photographed with Black and his son by David Duke’s former assistant, Jamie Kelso, who was an organizer for Ron Paul and the owner of white supremacist sites, and and a moderator for Black’s neo-Nazi website, Stormfront.Black would become one of Paul’s most enthusiastic supporters and helped rally the white supremacist community around Paul, through Stormfront. Paul would praise another Operation Red Dog planner, David Duke in his newsletters and Duke would return the favor calling him “our king” and endorsing him for President.

          This would not be the first time Paul was tied to white supremacists. In 80s, Paul claimed that the best source of his campaign donations came from a list from notorious neo-Nazi, Willis Carto’s publication, The Spotlight. In the 90s, Paul’s newsletters were originally discovered from an online neo-Nazi directory. As recently as 2006, Paul was scheduled to appear on David Duke’s white supremacist protégé, James Edwards’ radio show, “The Political Cesspool.”

          Ron Paul’s White Supremacist Radio Connections

          Given the scrutiny given to presidential candidates, shouldn’t Paul’s connection to an attempted violent invasion of a small island by white supremacists be re-investigated. If the media investigates every accusation of affairs or sexual harassment for Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich, shouldn’t they investigate accusations that Paul knew about a white supremacist plot to violently overthrow the government of a small Black island, especially with Paul’s other connections to white supremacists?


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            • Top 10 Racist Ron Paul Friends, Supporters

              Ron Paul has a lot of racist supporters, including white supremacist website Stormfront, conspiracy theorist group the John Birch Society and neo-Confederates who believe that the South was right during the civil war. And the support is mutual. While Paul would like you to believe that his connection to racism ended with his newsletters, he has continued to address this group well into the 21st century. Take a look at Ron Paul’s top 10 most-racist supporters.

              10. Willis Carto

              Willis Carto is a holocaust denier, Hitler admirer and a white supremacist. A former campaigner for segregationist candidate George Wallace, Carto founded the National Alliance with William Pierce, the author of the “Turner Diaries,” which is credited for inspiring Timothy McVeigh. Carto founded the Populist Party in 1984 and ran David Duke as a presidential candidate. Carto also founded the American Free Press, which is labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), where Paul’s column runs. Paul has not sued Carto for running his column or explained how it wound up in a white supremacist publication. The New York Times writes that Paul used the subscription list to a white supremacist publication of Carto’s to solicit donations.

              9. Chuck Baldwin

              Chuck Baldwin is a neo-Confederate New World Order conspiracy theorist who praises the confederacy and its leaders, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, and calls the Civil War the “War of Northern Aggression.” Baldwin writes a weekly column on the white supremacist site Vdare and is a proud supporter of American militia movements. Baldwin is also an Islamaphobe and homophobe.

              Not only did Baldwin endorse Paul for president in 2007, but Paul returned the favor, endorsing Baldwin, who he calls his “friend,” for president in 2008. While Paul was quick to criticize Michele Bachmann for her Islamaphobia, he has said nothing about Baldwin’s, the man he endorsed for president. Here are some choice quotes from Baldwin:

              I believe homosexuality is moral perversion and deserves no special consideration under the law.
              I believe the South was right in the War Between the States, and I am not a racist.
              I believe there is a conspiracy by elitists within government and big business to steal America’s independence.
              The Muslim religion has been a bloody, murderous religion since its inception.
              8. Don Black

              Don Black is a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, a current member of the American Nazi Party, and the owner and operator of the white supremacist site Stormfront. Black regularly organizes “money bombs” for Ron and Rand Paul and has even taken a picture with Ron Paul, who refused to return donations from Black and Stormfront even with the political tradition of not accepting donations from people who seem unfit. Black, who was sentenced to three years in jail for trying to overthrow the Caribbean country of Dominica in 1981, supports Paul through his Twitter account and on message boards for Stormfront.

              Black told the New York Times that it was Paul’s newsletters that inspired him to be a supporter:

              That was a big part of his constituency, the paleoconservatives who think there are race problems in this country.
              7. Lew Rockwell

              Lew Rockwell is a close friend and adviser of Paul’s who served as his congressional chief of staff between 1978 and 1982, worked as a paid consultant for Paul for more than 20 years, and was an editor and alleged ghost writer for his racist newsletters. Rockwell formed the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, which Paul still has a close working relationship with.

              The Ludwig Von Mises Institute is listed by the SPLC as a neo-Confederate organization. They also add that Rockwell said that the Civil War “transformed the American regime from a federalist system based on freedom to a centralized state that circumscribed liberty in the name of public order” and that the Civil Rights Movement was the “involuntary servitude” of (presumably white) business owners. Rockwell was listed as one of the racist League of the South’s founding members but denies membership. Rockwell regularly posts articles on his website, attacking a New World Order conspiracy.

              6. David Duke

              David Duke is a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and candidate for Governor of Louisiana. Duke is also a New World Order conspiracy theorist who believes that Jews control the Federal Reserve. On his website, Duke proudly boasts about the endorsements and kind words that Paul gave him in his newsletters and in turn endorses Paul for president.

              5. Thomas DiLorenzo

              Thomas DiLorenzo is another neo-Confederate who believes the South was right in the the civil war and that Abraham Lincoln was a wicked man who destroyed states’ rights. DiLorenzo is listed as an affiliated scholar with the racist League of the South, which promotes segregation and a new southern secession. Paul invited DiLorenzo to testify before congress about the Federal Reserve and is close friends with Paul and works for the Ludwig Von Mises Instiute. Paul cited DiLorezno’s book when telling Tim Russert that the North should not have fought the Civil War.

              4. James Von Brunn

              James Von Brunn was a white supremacist and anti-Semite who opened fired at the Holocaust museum, killing an African-American security guard. Von Brunn was an avid Paul supporter who posted a message on the Ron Paul Yahoo Group, saying, “HITLER’S WORST MISTAKE: HE DIDN’T GAS THE JEWS.” In 1983, Von Brunn was convicted of kidnapping members of the Federal Reserve Board, a common target of Paul’s, and was sentenced to six years in prison.Von Brunn died while awaiting sentencing for his crime.

              3. William Alexander “Bill” White

              Bill White is a neo-Nazi who is a former member of of the neo-Nazi group the National Socialist Movement and founder of his own Nazi group, the National Socialist Worker’s Movement. He has called for the lynching of the Jena 6 and the assassination of NAACP leaders. White previously campaigned for Pat Buchanan and the Reform party. This year, White was convicted of threatening a juror but then freed by a judge who called the threats free speech. White is a former Ron Paul supporter who became disenfranchised with Paul, when a Paul spokesman called white supremacy “a small ideology.

              2. Richard Poplawski

              Richard Poplawski is a neo-Nazi from Pittsburgh who regularly posted on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront. Poplawski would post videos of Ron Paul talking about FEMA camp conspiracy theories with Glenn Beck.

              Polawski was afraid of a government conspiracy to take away people’s guns and wound up killing three police officers who came to his house after his mother made a domestic dispute call.

              1. Jules Manson

              Jules Manson was a failed politician from Carson, Calif. Mason was also a big Paul supporter who would write, “I may be an athiest, but Ron Paul is my God,” on Paul’s website. Manson would also write, “Assassinate that n*gger and his family of monkeys,” of President Barack Obama.

              This is not guilty by association. Ron Paul has spread white supremacy on conspiracy theories for years in his newsletters. The racism and conspiracy theories have driven some people to violence. Not only have Ron Paul’s racist supporters endorsed him and his views, he has endorsed them through his positions on the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement, without disavowing the support he gets from racists. This is guilt by racism.


              • Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
                LOL he is not a dictator he doesn't need to manage the country the congress need to manage the country!

                but yes i know you prefer a Dictator shipment
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                • Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
                  LOL just FUD sure there are NAZIS but ron paul isn't a nazi.

                  he dit not write the "News Paper" and he dit not read the newspaper.

                  and no managing a news paper isn't the same as managing a country in a democracy/republic nation because the congress have to manage the country not the president.

                  but yes you will prefer to write FUD again and again and again and again.
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                  • Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
                    Michigan County Coordinator For Ron Paul Is Ku Klux Klan Organizer
                    this just doesn't matter because the Michigan country coordinator for ron paul isn't RON PAUL!

                    man you are really stupid!
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                    • Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
                      Ron Paul Friends, Supporters
                      Ron Paul Friends and supporters are NOT RON PAUL!

                      man you are really stupid for you humans are not individuals you think humans always collectives.. in fact you think like a NAZI!

                      Friends and Supporters don't care if you judge RON PAUL !
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