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Ram usage of Firefox with and without Adobe FLASH (flash:1,2gb ram):

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    Originally posted by DaemonFC View Post
    A lot of sites are using invisible Flash applets now instead of "web bugs" (1x1 images that set cookies), because cookies only let a site store a few KB of data, must have an expiration date, and browsers have easy ways to get rid of them or control what sites can even set one. By using Flash, they can set 100 KB of data for each SUBDOMAIN (so they can keep going once the first allotment fills up), that data never expires, and browsers typically provide no good way to manage Flash "Local Shared Objects", though BetterPrivacy for Mozilla browsers is pretty good about dealing with that problem.
    LSO are known problem, but not all sites use it. Yes BetterPrivacy is unevitable with Flash.

    But dont kill 1x1 tracking pixels. A LOT of websites use this technology, from provider (for example ivwbox in Germany) to confirm that you are unique visitor. Nothing more, nothing less. Without this, the website owner will gain no profit from ads. To many webmins rely on it to get one way confirmation. This has nothing to do with privacy, just IP and so long you are on site.