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Long time study show: war on drugs is a war against smart Humans.

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  • Originally posted by jltyper View Post
    This thread is turning really angry. On the subject of the drugs, I wonder if rage could be a drug. It certainly has the capacity to alter people's state, in an even more lasting way.

    Has anyone else here indulged some violent fantasy and felt high from it? Exquisite. Its the best really. I AM A FORCE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!!! Death to all who stand in my way. Murder is my anti-drug. You simply can't kill people as effectively while stoned. (unless you're Bruce Lee)

    I'm sure Hephasteus would understand. This is like talking to the real life Light Yagami.
    "I wonder if rage could be a drug."

    this is for sure 100%.

    there is no English article about this body own drugs but a German:

    Phenethylamin (PEA)

    rage pushes out dopamine and Noradrenalin and adrenalin and endorphins.

    this is the "Berserker" mode of the humans the body own drugs pushes you into a ultimate battle mode.

    and Hephasteus are so stupid he do not understand that he is running at berserker body own drug mode to fight against the EVIL drugs on planet Earth.

    in fact this is funny! most of the "war on drug" people don't know this fact.

    because of this its a fact: "war on drug" people are just stupid.
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    • "Red wine researcher accused of fraud"

      now its proved researchers lie to support alcoholism.