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USA+China makes biggest jump ever in polluting global warming gases

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    IMHO it's ok if the EU collapses. It's would be better than a EU dictatorship. The opinion of the people doens't count in the EU. Only the Top-polititians and top-bankster want to keep it alive by all means. Iceland had huge dept issues and solved it already like the people wanted it. The EU doesn't do that

    A Italians engineer claims he invented a cold fusion generator: Italian cold fusion machine passes another test
    If Andrea Rossis cold fusion generator is real, it's by far the cheapest clean energy available. But unfortunately it rather looks like it isn't. His customers are anonymous and he doesn't say how it works exactly.

    Ahh there is already a thread about that news, there: Andrea Rossi's first 1MW cold fusion heater sold. But only 470kw if used autark.


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      Originally posted by Fenrin View Post
      Ahh there is already a thread about that news, there: Andrea Rossi's first 1MW cold fusion heater sold. But only 470kw if used autark.
      LOL I'm faster than you

      the andrea rossi reactor still do have weakness because only 150C in my knowledge a stream turbine need much more heat to get the pressure.

      this means you need a coal power plant to get the working temperature and pressure.

      this means rossi reactor+coal like solar heater +coal combination power plant.


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
        in fact we do have 1.4 child per woman in Germany we already in fact german do have good birth control.
        That's actually so good it's bad.


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          two things that are sure : Americans use a lot of petrol for nothing else than car or plane traveling while Chineses use it for producing .
          Second is that using too much petrol so badly and so highly makes the earth burns

          it is very good to check that website , the drought is a world problems but there are not so much website about it

          in France also , half of the country is in the red zone


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            Originally posted by jcgeny View Post
            Nonsense, the drought is clearly caused by God's hatred of Rick Perry and evangelical christians.


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                Well go Australia

                Not that it really matters... but go Australia
                But every Australian Government seems to suck in one way...

                The Labour Government Helped us in the first economic crisis that the US started, gave everyone a bit of spare money, and offered security on all bank accounts so people would not ruin the banks by all trying to withdraw. Both of which worked. Then they wanted to (and started) to make the NBN (nationwide Fiber Internet) and the Carbon Trading Scheme like in Europe.

                Then the Liberals want to stop the NBN, and place wireless instead (stupid) as well as using the Carbon Trading Scheme as a bad thing that will hurt many jobs even though those with lower salaries get more back in tax repayments and other discounts.

                But Labour also has the issue of dealing with illegal immigrants, which they have done badly (some people were detained for ~2 years before processing) and there have been quite a few self harm and suicides due to that.

                In terms of pollution, no one in Australia is really doing that much, (except Carbon Trading Scheme, but Liberals will kill that most likely). We have rebates on Solar panels for houses (the greater UV Radiation here makes them work better, as well as solar hot water heaters)

                Per capita, we are about equal or slightly above (per capita) to the US, and higher per capita by alot than either Germany or Australia. Alot of that comes from our industries however, (Mining, Aluminium Smelting, Steel and others) that process our raw goods for other countries, of which alot of the profit goes to American companies. Thats why the Carbon Trading Scheme would hep make those companies pay, while investing the extra money in green technologies..

                But I have yet to see Australia make anything green on a decent scale, even though we have the capabilities too. Stupid politics.


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                  Originally posted by blackshard View Post
                  i am wondering where is my picture based on this one ?
                  so showing an american eating earth is "cool" while a jewish eating the "usa-drough" like a pizza is forbidden ?

                  mods of here are killing me , i have a lot to laugh about these ways of "no-thinking" in the "only land of only free and freedom"


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                    Originally posted by Panix View Post
                    So, you are German, too?!? You support the EU, SPD, CDU etc.? I can't believe how many fools there are in Germany!!!!

                    You don't realize that Germany and the EU will collapse even though it's staring you full in the face! The Elites and Merkel don't mind this happening.... it's all a farce...Wow, is all I can say!
                    lol dont insult me that I support that shit ^^ but that is not a co2 problem, thats a money-system problem and a democray problem. I vote if they finaly decide to be for basic income grant, to vote for the german pirate party. So yes merkel cdu spd are enemy of our countrys and are constitution enemys that fight against human rights.

                    I dont want a socialistic world where each guy earns the same but in the rich country like germany nobody needs to live on the streets but we have a act called "hartz4" where people fly on the streets if the econemy is to efficient and people got fired because their work can no be faster and cheaper be done by machines, that makes no sense to through people on the street when they dont are guilty that there is no work for them.

                    I fight this by suiing our fuckin country. And try to reactivate our constitution.
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                      An ode to nationalism

                      The solution is quite simple: become like greece and stop producing. If you don't produce anything, you won't emit any CO2. Win-win!

                      Wait, Greece is actually increasing its CO2 emissions. I wonder how is that even possible...

                      Oh nevermind, Europe is going down the drain anyway. The French are so lazy that they retire at 60. And the Germans are so conservative they've just stood by idly for two years, while Europe is blowing up, bit by bit. The Italians are content to just let their president whore around with their money. And the English - well the English are saying "we told you so" as they sip their tea.

                      (Hm, anyone I forgit to offend? Oh right).

                      The US and Japan will soon become a Chinese protectorate (they are already halfway there), Israel will lose half of Jerusalem to Palestinians (they did try their best to starve the Palestinians out, but those Muslims just won't listen), Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia, Esthonia and Lithuania will be welcomed into their Russian parents' arms and Turkey will be reunited with Greece and Cyprus into one glorious empire.

                      And don't forget, Europe is going down! How else could it be, when those lazy Germans that work half as much as those lazy Greeks?

                      There, that should do it.


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                        world less CO2 war

                        I agree the most with Blackiwid that seem to be the wise guy of the thread. Panix is probably the most stupid (sorry ).

                        I resume my (long) post by nuclear enery is unefficient compared to today energy needs and will quickly disappear (as lot of top industrial contries already started to goes out), we are all bads, China is not wronger than other and do big efforts. We (the humans) to take the power given to 1% and that don't make a good usage.

                        So if we think about countries for their gouvernement politics.
                        * USA is a leader in wind turbine deployement, but they are also the leader in big size cars and every pulating energy that can be done, and so by capital or not, they are the more polluating, this country is also the country that invest the more on war, and that invade the more countries today. They have also the biggest debt of the world, far behind Europe, that is still the first economoy of the planet far behind USA and China (if you add every EU countries together). They also destroy big part of forest for GMO soya to feed hormonal beef, and for oil and gas. The only industry where USA wine, is junk food, CPU (near throwed out by ARM cpus), GMO (pooring more poor countries), and weapons (where they tend to be beaten by Iran/China/Russia for more effective cost).

                        * Germany go the good way, because of smart grids and every other researchs in thermal isolation and other alternative renewable energy and positive energy buildings (that produce more that their consume), and they still produce lot of good quality product, that don't need to be throwed to trash after few month or years. They are more independant as they slowdown uranium and oil/gaz importation, and use local coal or pine forest wood for remaining fossil energy, meaning less need of war to steal poor countries that have those resources and consume energy to to those unusefull wars and collapse their country economics (USA today is like Roma after Caesar, no more democracy, no more money).

                        * Greece or China, use lot of solar thermal water warming, this is really efficient even in North countries (75C water with 14C external temperatur, without any other energy than Sun UV), heating is probably the more energy consuming part of human live, so this is a big gain for near nothing (the system is so simple, that it cost near nothing).

                        * France use nuclear energy, this is the country that use the most nuclear energy, the Areva company say this is 75% of country energy and most people think that's a true statement. But in fact, that's 75% of electrical energy. Electrical energy is about 10% of the whole energy in france, so the nuclear part of the most nucelarized country, is only less than 8% of the energy.... a really little part that don't resolve at all CO2 emission problems. if every countries used uranium like france, there will be no more uranium in about 10 years. So we can say this is not a viable energy at all. This way, Germany, Swiss, Spania, Belgium, and big part of Japan are going the good way, by planing end of nuclear era. Denemark and Italy choosen this way longtime ago. Even France that has actually the most stupid gouvernement on the earth, still invest a little in windturbine and more little in other energy sources, this will probably be the big looser in the new energies technology maket in richest countries.

                        * China is far less poluating by inhabitant than every european countries and then far less than USA alone, some USA gvt dictatorship that produce Oil like Saudi Arabia and some other countries should probably also polluate a lot by capita. Ouzbekistan anoher USA dictatorship friend, that produce most part of cotton on earth after India turned most of its population in slavery and use lot pesticid, the Aral sea was divide by 3 in few years for this production. China invest a lot to stop the Gobi desert and grow forest and renewable energy, they have the biggest dam of the world, this is not the best solution, but that's far better than nuclear plants and the problem they do when this big water heater give so few energy. As you see in the picture on the link, the coal electricty plant filter there carbon, the smoke is white, not black, only hot water goes out to refresh the hot water produced by coal combustion (like in nuclear plant, only the hot water goes out, not the combustible ). They are also developping more and more nuclear plant, and big roads, but they also cover most the territory with high speed train (mixing german, french, japanese and their own technologies), that is far better than lot of little planes like in USA and probably faster (if we count the time to go from city to suburb airport, all the time in the airport and the time to come back from suburb airport to destination city center). Railway is the less energy consuming fast self-moving transport far before any other kind of transportation. They use energy to accelerate, not to much energy to keep speed and gain energy by breaking (the motor become turbine). They produce energy positive buildings and skycrapper (like the Peral tower in Guangzhou, that combine solar panel, wind turbines and wind cheminees, and use natural external temperatures to cold/heat inside air in a very smart way. The skycrapper (that is generally the wrongest building possible for energy balance) become a good way to produce energy for the building itself and for the power grid. In every town there are lighting pilons combining micro wind turbine and solar panel They try to learn from all our errors and from our technologies, so they will take benefit from this during their construction process, and are before US/UE/Japan in lot of domains. They keep human sized fields and avoid most of vital (for human food) species to disappear. Where Europe and USA only goes to Africa to steal every resources, they help countries by building basic infrastructures and only ask money return when they get income. Most of the pollution in China is for the production of US/UE/Japan car parts, electronics, textiles, toys, etc...

                        * Japan is actually collapsing because of nuclear plant (near half of the country is more irradiated than Tchernobyl evacuated area now, and uranium leaks in Fukushima are not resolved, no one know when there will be stopped, perhaps in one or two years ? Lor of children lose their hairs, bleed, and I don't want to think about new child thinking at Tchernobyl or depleted uranium contaminated Irak by the NATO war. Big part of pacific is no irradiated, so who want this kind of situation ?

                        So after all this consideration, most of countries are actually destroying their homeland (the earth), and the population stupidly look at the government of the other side of his homeland instead of thinking to his local governement mistakes. It should be better to avoid those 1-10% crazyness by changing everything or at least pushing this 1-10% this way, we already done this in computer world (with Linux and Apache huge dominance for example).


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                          Originally posted by Popolon View Post
                          I agree the most with Blackiwid that seem to be the wise guy of the thread. Panix is probably the most stupid (sorry ).
                          Only two posts? Did Q make another account?

                          I only speculated on the reality. Germany is the one that has to bail out several countries when they're broke, bankrupt and to do it, they're just printing fiat money just like the US which is also going to collapse. The Elites, the Government and the banks are all collaborating on a destructive system so whether you pollute a bit or a lot, it's still a MAJOR cost that they are incurring.

                          I'm not anti-environment, I'm just looking at the realities and I think you (and Q or maybe you are one and the same) are the stupid ones. You're ignoring the facts and the obvious route the entire EU is going in.... the Government doesn't give two ***** about the environment, it's just an artificial way to create 'jobs' and funnel money to big corporations that are involved with the industry.

                          The facts show that the costs and inefficiencies in the new 'green' technologies are higher and that backups of the traditional high CO2-producing ones are still going to be used. I was just alluding to the entire philosophy didn't make sense and that Germany et al. are shooting themselves in the foot and are sacrificing their citizens to profit from it.

                          Anyway, you think I'm stupid, I think you're stupid... Who cares... Time will show you are wrong.


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                            "Dubai hotel could get an air-conditioned beach"


                            Why gas is nearly $4 a gallon.


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                              Originally posted by DaemonFC View Post

                              "Dubai hotel could get an air-conditioned beach"


                              Why gas is nearly $4 a gallon.
                              Yeah that's what happens when you have tons of oil under your ass and stupid as hell.


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                                I don't know anything about Q ??? I'm only myself .

                                You seem to defend nuclear that is really not-efficient compared to CO2 producing energy, and then you say that's stupid to go green because that's not efficient compared to CO2 producing energy, and then that's a wrong way...

                                But when the petrol will be totally depleted, how do you think to have this carbon energy ? Do you think to do those freaking Shale gas that give free gas in water tap, that do some nice earth shaking (good for nuclear plants as seen in Fukushima), or do you want to kill more and more people to have the last oil drops, for going to you awfull mall with junkfood by car ?

                                There are no long term fossil energy, no long term nuclear energy, the only way if you want to eat food and drink water, is to stop all this, and keep them fore useful things (likes medicine or tools), not spending it as low term energy. And today start to think to renewable energies and how to reduce your energy consumption, reduce your waste and how to recycle more and more. That's totally feasable but need a little drop of brain usage. Germany go the good way, I hope they will stop their big cars (that are not big as US one, but already too big), and hope population will succeed to stop wars for few people power.

                                In the richest countries of European Union, ONLY UK AND FRANCE doesn't resign the nuclear option, but that's probably a matter or years, perhaps elections in France next year will change this. The biggest problem today for France is that most of the french nuclear wastes go to Germany, and Germany will not accept anymore nuclear wastes... Do those contries government be so arrogant to use nuclear plant (that even can't work on hot summer or too cold winter) and risk to endanger all its neighbour ??? This will probably be a path to importation boycots and will definitivly end by the end of the nuclear. And during this time, more and more nuclear 10,000+ years radioactive waste will be produced to enpower few people.

                                I hope people will be wise enough to continue the big steps from this new century with freedom in head, freedom in free softwares, freedom in objects with Fab labs, freedom with food, with proximity producer, and we will stop all these destruction soon. Capitalism is not viable with so much people on earth, and we actually see those last days. We have only two ways after that.
                                1. dictatorship by 1 % of the population, 99% continuing to maintain the power, and continue to destroy everything for their power.
                                2. True direct democracy, sharing everyone needs, ideas, state power, that was the hope of some Europeans and North America countries constitutions some centuries ago and lot of other countries since.