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The first German-Turkish "Döner" Food Restaurant in the US:

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    Doner is the scheiBe

    If you get it at a proper shop, you'll get handmade Turkish bread, which is the most delicious bread in the world. Yummie! Order it with meat, cheese, lettuce, garlic sauce and tomatoes...



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      " the shit" doesn't translate to well to German

      Anyways, reading through this thread I think I am just going to get me another Döner next week. I feel sorry for you guys that live somewhere where they have no Döner or ones of bad quality. The ones we have here (3,30€) are totally amazing.


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        Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
        Dude, you are from Greece. Why are you complaining? You have Gyros, which is basically the same. And the meat used in Greece is most likely a lot more trustworthy than the industrial meat used in German Döner shops.
        For the record

        Gyros is a doner kebab variation (spin roasted spices etc) that probably came to Greece during the ottoman empire time or after the population exchange in the 20s. The main difference however is that in Greece the meat is usually pork. This was established by law during the late 60s but i am not sure if its still active or if anyone follows it still since you can have gyros made from chicken and in rare cases lamp. Also some shops serve what is also called doner in greece which means the beef/lamp variation (traditional turkish one) but the majority of Gyros in Greece is pork. The meat is also industrial in Greece with few remaining shops making Gyros in house. Also what is different is the fillings and sauces used but this varies even within Greece. In general the northern you are in Greece the better the food.


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          Gyros in Greece is either pork meat or chicken. I find the beef + lamb combination of döner far superior to that. Furthermore, Gyros in Greece ain't that good. That seems to be in line with other stuff I tried over the years. For example, I found the worst pizza was in Italy, and the worst kebab in Turkey, lol. No wonder the worst Gyros can be found in Greece.


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            ... and here's a little something for those who regard authenticity as an interesting idea at best :



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              Originally posted by bridgman View Post
              ... and here's a little something for those who regard authenticity as an interesting idea at best :

              I don't know what that is, it looks like it will be quite delicious, but it's not gyros. Gyros is actually lots of boneless pork chuck shoulder steaks stacked on top of each other and put on a cooking spit which you then rotate beside a vertical barbecue ("gyros" is Greek for "rotation".) It's really as simple as that. There's no "secret" behind it or anything (except for the spices, of course, but everyone has a different recipe for those anyway).


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                Originally posted by RealNC View Post
                I miss döner so much. I lived in Germany (near Bielefeld) for about 12 years. Döner kebab was my favorite fast food. I haven't had a döner for over 10 years now. And Qaridarium goes on and creates this stupid thread that reminded me of the world's best fast food which I can't have.

                Screw you, man. You suck
                LOL.. i love you to RealNC... but with my recipe and help you can be a chef to make your own döner
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