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The first German-Turkish "Döner" Food Restaurant in the US:

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    ... and here's a little something for those who regard authenticity as an interesting idea at best :
    I don't know what that is, it looks like it will be quite delicious, but it's not gyros. Gyros is actually lots of boneless pork chuck shoulder steaks stacked on top of each other and put on a cooking spit which you then rotate beside a vertical barbecue ("gyros" is Greek for "rotation".) It's really as simple as that. There's no "secret" behind it or anything (except for the spices, of course, but everyone has a different recipe for those anyway).


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      Originally posted by RealNC View Post
      I miss döner so much. I lived in Germany (near Bielefeld) for about 12 years. Döner kebab was my favorite fast food. I haven't had a döner for over 10 years now. And Qaridarium goes on and creates this stupid thread that reminded me of the world's best fast food which I can't have.

      Screw you, man. You suck
      LOL.. i love you to RealNC... but with my recipe and help you can be a chef to make your own döner