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    To my mind Linux users seem far to focused on the overall GUI in the battle to win over users. KDE, gnome 2, and even gnome 3 (although needing a little polish) are great.

    The issues people who come to linux are going to face is likely more to do with installing software, finding linux software that does the required job and quite possibly dealing with driver issues.

    Distros like linux mint and even chakra (which i think is still only in rc1) have a huge advantage over many distros for new users as they tend to have all the drivers installed out of the box.

    Even accent old KDE 3.5 was better than anything Microsoft has ever managed to produced GUI wise.


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      Originally posted by deanjo View Post
      However in real life even the elderly have become accustomed to a standard desktop interface.
      Accustomed, maybe. Able to do anything when the blue E is now two places to the right? Not at all...

      It will not, as you put it, prevent people from asking "How do I do this stupid simple thing?".
      Like with anything, you might have to tell them how it works, but not totally re-educate the freaking alphabet every time they want to do something else with the same tool. Just once you just take 5 minutes of your time and you can leave them alone. Gnome was a giant leap over the Windows < 8 interface, but it was still a pain in the ass.

      We have all seen attempts at a dumbed down UI done many times before (remember the first EEE PC UI's, MS BOB, Splashtop, etc) there comes a point where it becomes it becomes too dumbed down for what a person wants to do on a computer.
      I have the first EEE PC model with that 11 inch screen. It was a great leap forward. I remember myself saying that it was the first well designed computer, ever. The problem, however, was that it was not capable of converting MS Office documents, Firefox frequently crashed and it was an isolated piece of software.

      Kiosks UI's are fine for portable, set-top devices where a limited functionality is expected but a computers UI is expected to be able to do much more.
      Much more? Seriously... do what more? More than E17 and KDE?, because Gnome or Windows > 8 doesn't offer anything useful over that Kiosk interface.


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        It seems all the "big players" are going for the mobilesque interface.. by big players, I mean GNOME and Microsoft..

        It's said that Win8 will be able to run on ARM chips. Maybe Microsoft is trying to create a unified windows OS that runs on mobile devices as well as the typical desktop? But will they be able to beat Debian at being the "Universal OS?"


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          Steve Ballmer has already showed it running on Tegra and Texas Instrument chips. Office has been recompiled for ARM. Intel has spread FUD about nothing working due to x86 programs.


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            Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
            This is the most easy to understand interface on the planet. And for tablets this interface is a big win.
            Ok, so can you explain that part when he has a full screen video going on and then flicks his finger and a RSS reader pops up from the side? What the hell is that? Flicking switches between open apps ŕ la Alt+Tab? I didn't understand that part. Apart from that it has potential, but if everybody went crazy when Ubuntu switched to Unity and with the direction Gnome 3 went I can't imagine how most users are going to react to this. Especially after all the rage when Vista came out, and that wasn't all that different from the classic Windows experience.
            It also doesn't strike me as all that innovative. It's nothing we haven't seen in tablets/smartphones in some form. It is bold, but not innovative.


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              Moron-proof interface

              Am I the only one who noticed the remarkable similarity?
              And here goes the user:

              Seriously, guys - this trend makes me really worried!
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                Originally posted by »John« View Post

                Seriously, guys - this trend makes me really worried!
                That actually reminds me of what our history teacher told us in the early nineties: Pointing-to-pictures is a lesser form of communication than language.
                So easy, a caveman could do it.


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                  God bless America! Not only did they dumb down the English Language and then proceed to tell the rest of the English speaking world how correct they are, they're now doing it with the computer...

                  Oops excuse me. I'd better fix my fly; my politics is showing

                  ...but seriously... It had some cool features, but my first reaction was that it reminded me of a magazine that is published in my home town where I cannot tell what is advertising and what is article.

                  I'm more interested in what KDE mobile is going to be like.


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                    well, vincent the first thing my old 55+ father did when i show him the new windows 8 was freak out, since he didn't clearly watch the "icons and stuff" he interpreted that as win8 can't save files anymore and that M$$ is probably charging you for cloud storage.

                    after some clarification he freaked out even more asking from "i can't install software anymore?" to stuff like "where do i put my files now since there is no desktop?" passing through "and where i will put my pc magazines !!uber!!(i loled this one) software to do my test" to any kind of morbid question of basic OS use you can imagine.

                    for the power users could look cool or easy cuz you know what you want to do but for average joe is an alien "stuff" on their PC's wich they don't wanna touch cuz they think it could break "the mecanic stuff's inside" and break the "thingy"

                    i guess most eventually will accept it but i don't wanna imagine the hell this will bring to the support departments on stores and retailers

                    to prove my point winmo7 being supported from almost every phone manufacturer is still a niche market that no one wants and it seems M$$ is more focused on buy nokia than actually produce winmo7 phones or fight back android. my bet is they will try the apple way of making their own hardware and software very expensive for a small rich market .

                    on the market tablet, yeah .... maybe it get more chance cuz ppl don't see tablets like a "PC" but more like a fallen piece of the endeavor, so maybe they are more willing to adjust how to use "the latest tech marvel"


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                      You clearly didn't see the video as there was a desktop tile, showing you the Windows 7 desktop...


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                        Personally, I think this could be a very effective strategy for Microsoft.

                        AS you could see, the Desktop Windows interface was available on the tablets, as well as the Tablet interface.

                        I would presume you could turn off the Tablet interface on Full Pc's.

                        The tablet seems to be a mix of the desktop and the mobile, and if Microsoft can provide all 3 (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile) devices to consumers, tied in with Windows Live services, and file/media sharing on the same network, it would be the perfect solution for home users, especially if you dont like apple.


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                          Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
                          You clearly didn't see the video as there was a desktop tile, showing you the Windows 7 desktop...
                          i saw it but my father couldn't understand it, he ask me "hey that is the virtualization stuff? why thereis 2 windows then?" etc.

                          note he didn't like the win7 desktop either but strangely he likes KDE so i put a dual boot in his pc trying to get him to the dark side and so far he love KDE (after many hours of questions but worth the effort ) and since linux don't need AV's he is jumping in 1 foot cuz he feels his PC very fast and love openoffice (mainly cuz he hates the office 2010 too complicated structure and he don't find anything on 2010 that he can't do in 2003 so OOo is a perfect fit)

                          btw he loves to death amarok 2.4, amazingly and against all prospects he find it extremely easy to use (i love it too btw KDEFanboy) and i finally get ride of the itunes nightmare every time he forget how to use it

                          dolphin got his heart too, he finds "ultra uber" the preview of pdf's odf's videos, etc + the ability of bookmark locations + the 1 click Blutooth functions in dophin for file transfers to the cellphone SD card


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                            Very slick presentation, but looking at the actual funcionality, whats new? Fullscreen apps? Tiling window manager (snap)? Still I bet Microsoft has gotten patents for some of this age old functionality.

                            Obviously developed with a tablet in mind, and will likely be great for that use.


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                              Dont understand why theyr moving from tried and tested to annoying bloated and probably buggy just to make it look cool


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                                Originally posted by Iksf View Post
                                Dont understand why theyr moving from tried and tested to annoying bloated and probably buggy just to make it look cool
                                Well, what else are they going to do? Windows basically reached its peak with XP and then it did everything the average user wanted and there's nothing left but to try to make it more shiny and hope that encourages people to buy an upgrade.

                                People have seen these kind of UIs in movies and think they look cool, because they've never thought of the problems of doing anything with them in real life.