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VP8 vs. h.264

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    Originally posted by DeepDayze View Post
    So these sort of crashes tend to occur more with nvidia cards than ATI? Maybe this needs a look at by the nvidia people...anyone file a bug report?
    Or it could be a placebo effect from switching the video cards and upgrading to Opera 11 and Chrome 9 (beta). Too early to tell.


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      Originally posted by popper View Post
      well if you want .sseq or indeed any format not already in ffmpeg then make the patch , they always say "patches welcome" after all

      as for streaming, right now your probably better waiting on or even helping with kieran's broadcastencoder to be honest, if you really Need/Want an option you cant live without or cant find anywhere else in x264/ffmpeg, he's open to options you might like right now apparently if your quick.
      yes, swar is done, but I'll comit it after I done .nsf too. I'm in struggle with finding truly convertor\extractor .nsf sounds from .smc games, if anybody know, please point me.

      Anybody use wired thing like avivo? It's not just forgiven?

      wow, 8 pages since 30 december