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The FBI Paid OpenBSD Developers For Backdoors?

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  • The FBI Paid OpenBSD Developers For Backdoors?

    Phoronix: The FBI Paid OpenBSD Developers For Backdoors?

    Government organizations, whether they be from the United States, the European Union, or anywhere else for that matter, contributing to open-source projects is not new. Heck, Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) in the mainline kernel can largely be attributed to the United State's National Security Agency (NSA). More organizations contributing to open-source isn't bad -- government or not -- when it's mutually beneficial work with good intentions. However, there are new allegations being made today about OpenBSD's networking stack, in particular it's IPsec code. The FBI allegedly paid OpenBSD developers to insert back-doors into the code-base...

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    SELinux is full of security holes which I'm sure is the way the NSA intended it.


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      Ouch. Can't say I'm terribly surprised, but ouch.

      OpenBSD is used in way too many servers, a thorough security audit must be performed ASAP (but will that be enough?)


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        What crude ethics those developers must have ...


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          The guy who sent the email had a NDA with the FBI that kept him from talking about this. Does that mean that he one of the people who implemented these backdoors?


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            So I guess he'll be arrested on rape charges now? >.>


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              Well, like ones said, 'with money you can buy anything.'

              ..and they said openBSD is secure

              oh well..


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                How has this been in there for a decade without anyone noticing? Where's the code they're talking about? Was this only in some proprietary fork of BSD? This whole story sounds unlikely.


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                  IF this thing has a prossibility to be right, then imagine what happens inside the code of proprietary OSes...
                  Just the idea makes me shiver...


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                    So, it's now time to audit more carefully Linux source code...