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The Extraordinary DRM Pull Request For Linux 3.11

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    Originally posted by PsynoKhi0 View Post
    I think his rants about big merges were only directed at requests made late in the merge window.
    Also given the size of the DPM code seems justified, not much you can do about it.
    Yeah Linus got mad because people were doing late / big merges after the merge window (and ESPECIALLY after rc3). If the kernel grows in size and its not bloat / things that dont belong in kernel, then Linus doesn't care. Given that all other power management work is done in kernel, its not a big surprise that graphics power management is also in kernel. Linus may make a remark or two about it, but he shouldnt flame Alex or David over this.


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      Originally posted by Azpegath View Post
      Another interesting thing is to see if any extensive code review is done (many eyes on your code, right?) since that is one of the points of FOSS. I'm mainly thinking of the following words of wisdom:
      Remember, this is just the pull into the main tree - it's not like someone has just made a single massive commit. The actual changes would have been a large number of small commits, which tends to be much easier to review.


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        Considering the amount of work on 3.10 and 3.11 I hope to see a couple of benchmarks to see how the new kernel compares to the older ones in terms of performance and power usage.