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xrandr 1.4 multi-gpu works!

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    Originally posted by Tyler_K View Post
    Yep, looks like this got busted recently.
    Looks to me like it was indeed the runtime PM changes that broke this. However, with kernel 3.14, a small update to the code logic restores this functionality on non-PX radeon+radeon systems.

    Users of other adapters (ex. nouveau, intel) should check to see if similar runtime PM logic has been adopted in the respective DRM/kernel driver.


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      Originally posted by chithanh View Post
      That is your hardware, but what is your software and configuration? Also if you have a driver section in xorg.conf, then you need one for each of your GPUs. (I suggest to have no xorg.conf at all.)
      DQ35JO board, Q6600, 8Gb / Ubuntu 14.04/kernel 3.13.0-[12-21]/ ZFSonRoot/xorg-edgers daily builds. - and I've tried with every iteration of xorg.conf I can think of (including "none at all").

      I'll try 3.14 as soon as I can be sure ZFS will build on it/