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The X.Org Foundation Is Undecided About Mir

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  • Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    From what I can tell, the copyright owner may create a license in which it is said that anyone who wants to modify the code needs to dance a jig for an hour before doing so.
    You agree never to access the internet while not wearing happy pants.
    A real life example, while not exactly the same scenario, it is relevant.

    ... and yes, I'm wearing happy pants...


    • Originally posted by duby229 View Post
      As long as the terms of the GPL code base are abided by. You can't simply decide that the GPL doesnt apply to you.
      The GPL does never apply to the author of the code, because the GPL grants (extra) rights to non-authors on top of the legal rights they might already have (things like fair use, citation, the right to make backups, etc.), while the author already has all possible rights to do whatever they want with it (including relicensing and/or re-using it in proprietary projects).

      People who aren't authors need permission from the authors to be able to re-license the code, and Canonical's CLA includes exactly that permission.

      BTW: if you really want to understand the GPL, I suggest you first start with understanding the laws & international treaties about authors' rights (which copyright is part of). Without those laws, the GPL (& copyleft) would be meaningless.

      Oh, and another note: laws always overrule contracts (like the GPL), of course.
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