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    Originally posted by renox View Post
    Funny you should say this because in theory you could move Windows in X without paying a RTT, but with Wayland 'normal' design, you cannot avoid this: the decoration is handled by the client.
    Hi, just ensuring that little detail about wayland:

    If you move a window in Wayland by clicking and dragging a window element (like the title bar), the round-trip happens once on button-down. After that, it's all compositor play while the button is held down and you wiggle the mouse.

    If you move a window by a compositor hot-key, say, Super+left-mouse-button-drag, the client will never know.

    If the window enters or leaves an output's area, the client gets notified, but that's beside the point.


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      The fact that Plan9 was never used for production use/end use, is because it's a research operating system. It was a moving target and never even advised to be developped for, because it was continuesly changing.

      But that doesn't mean that their research was not valuable. In fact, it was meant to be copied by other operating systems. Apple's backup timemachine hdd was actually an implementation of Plan9's networked harddisk with delta changes. Microsoft copied some of their research for the distributed NT kernel in business network settups (making Windows plus Office the number one solution for businesses).

      Don't underestimate the advances Plan9 made at Bell Labs!