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The Synaptics Driver That Does Multi-Touch, ClickPads

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    Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
    Well not totally surprised that there are still companies living up to the M standard, looked at previously mentioned Das Keyboard, but it's not a half ergo, nor does it have media keys. With the meta key on there I can technically live without media keys but I'd prefer to have them. Know of any company that does both of those with these switches?
    I'm not sure what you mean by "half ergo". Do you mean a split layout?
    If that is what you mean, here is what I've found: -- this one doesn't advertise Cherry switches, but they are mechanical and I read elsewhere that they are in fact Cherry MX

    i don't think any of these use the Cherry Blue switch (basically the same switch as the Model M you have), but since they all provide positive feedback and require varying amounts of force to depress (depends on the model switch used), they are all considered excellent switches. Most of the Cherry switches are non-linear, thus once you press beyond a certain point it either pushes back harder, or collapses, and pushed back less. Additionally, most include a clicking mechanism so as to give an aural feedback.
    There are probably more keyboards out there, but hopefully this is helpful.