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SystemD/Udev Multi-Seat Support For X.Org

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  • SystemD/Udev Multi-Seat Support For X.Org

    Phoronix: SystemD/Udev Multi-Seat Support For X.Org

    Lennart Poettering has published patches this Sunday to provide support for udev/systemd multi-seat input device hot-plugging support for the X.Org Server...

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    Yay! Breaking shit for no good reason. That's what open source development is all about now.


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      @yogi_berra: Break what and how? I only see something getting added.


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        Multiseat rocks! The single coolest, most amazing thing I've ever made Linux do.


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          Multi-seat is awesome, go multi-seat!


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            If I understand correctly, this will FINALLY fix the problem with disappearing peripherals when using multiseat.

            For those who do not use multiseat, the problem is that the new InputClass method of adding peripherals is incompatible with multiseat setups. So is hotplugging, which makes ALL X servers listen to ALL peripherals at the same time, breaking multiseat. You have to use InputDevice and explicitly disable hotplugging in order for multiseat to work. If you unplug the mouse or keyboard, your X session becomes deaf, and only a logout will fix it.

            So if you accidentally lose the connection to one of your mice or keyboards (this happens quite often when there is some fluctuation on the USB bus, such as when plugging in a USB stick or a camera), you must log out. This happens at least once a day with my cheap mouse, and once a week for one of the three other peripherals.

            So this is great news, which should fix MAJOR breakage.


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              This is so awesome.


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                Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                Phoronix: SystemD/Udev Multi-Seat Support For X.Org
                This is awesome but as pointed out many times before here, it is called "systemd" and not "SystemD" although Phoronix gets this consistently wrong. Check the prominent note on the frontpage



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                  Good news.
                  Halton Huo couldn't make his multiseat patches land GDM master branch. I hope Lennart will be more lucky to make multiseat "official" part of Linux desktop.


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                    Originally posted by mudig View Post
                    I only see something getting added.
                    No, you see a working system getting replaced with something that is in development and unnecessary for most use cases, unless you are willing to argue that web servers and render nodes need to be instant on devices, of course.