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Yet Another VIA Linux Driver Has Arrived

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    bloody idiots.

    The guy behind openvia and now -chrome is called Jon Nettleton. This guy has been hanging around openchrome for a long while, and likes to bash the author of -unichrome (me) a lot, ignoring the vast amount of dependency he has on stuff that same person did before. Nettleton has not really burned the code/idea contribution charts in the 4-5 years that he has been hanging around.

    There is little actual olpc involvement here, nettleton just seems to be the only one of the openchrome guys who talked himself into OLPC, and is now aiming for that. Not sure whether he does this in his spare time or whether he is contracting for them. From the amount of code, i'd say spare time only. No self-respecting contractor, in the open source field, would deliver this and get any money paid.

    Now, the openchromers are forkers, they forked away from unichrome. Now one of them forked away again, first created a repo he threw away (openvia? -- and which self-respecting open source developer throws away public repos?). And now he has done -chrome. Great.

    The content of the thing is nothing new: it is a recent VIA codedrop, with some rather minor cleanups. Guess how unichrome started, almost 8 years ago? What will VIA do next, if it does anything: they will release a new codedrop. So what will nettleton do then?

    All i can say is: bloody idiots.


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      Simmons seems to be the only one who wants to unify that multiplied work, as this mail says, he wants to merge it to the openchrome driver.


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        Talk is cheap, and this is exactly what the posted story should teach us.

        If you really want to know what sort of person simmons is, then look at his code, and then you know that you can forget that kms story. This guy, nor nettleton, will bring any real progress.