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DRI2 Driver For Mesa EGL In The Works

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  • DRI2 Driver For Mesa EGL In The Works

    Phoronix: DRI2 Driver For Mesa EGL In The Works

    Kristian Høgsberg, the mastermind behind DRI2 and the one behind the Wayland Display Server, has a new announcement and that's a DRI2 driver for the new Mesa EGL implementation. Kristian's work interfaces EGL with DRI2 and is described as a "nice, self-contained implementation." Kristian has aspirations to add support for EGL with a DRI2 driver on the KMS frame-buffer, which could be used in the Wayland world. Kristian previously wrote the Eagle EGL stack as part of his work on Wayland, but those Eagle-specific bits have been dropped after Gallium3D received a new EGL state tracker and Kristian has merged some Eagle bits with Mesa. Kristian's announcement concerning this DRI2 driver for EGL can be read on mesa3d-dev...

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    How to test Wayland now?


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      Wayland World! Wayland World! Party time! Excellent!

      Sorry, couldn't resist.


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        who here is starting to think that wayland isn't just "for fun, nothing serious"?
        it looks like one day it might, might, become a viable alternative.

        and is it "meh suh" or "may sah"?


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          Originally posted by portets43 View Post
          and is it "meh suh" or "may sah"?
          I've always said/thought it as 'may sah', as that's how the geological feature is pronounced.

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