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What Do You Want From Linux GPU Drivers In 2010?

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    Power management. Doesn't have to be any fancy dynamic stuff for me, in fact I prefer something to be exposed to user space so I can put the GPU in 'desktop' or 'game' mode myself.

    Good compatibility with wine, if this requires certain OpenGL 3.x extensions so be it. But otherwise I really don't care that much about OpenGL 3.x.

    And of course full evergreen support.

    All above with the open source drivers for radeon cards in mind.


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      FOSS ati:
      - complete, bugfree, available-in-stable-versions dri2+kms+opengl2
      For r500 ofc, don't really care about the later parts

      - other FOSS drivers could see some care: trident,sis,s3. Trident hasn't been working for some chips in the last three Xorg releases..

      edit: Oh, and VIA should get complete stable drivers out with at least OGL 1.5. For the full range.
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        Newest Nvidia card around me are 8800GTS and below, with some small Quadro cards in between. Of Nvidia I only wish that their newer cards work as well and give as few problems like I'm used too. Nvidia embracing open source would give many points.

        ATI I have no recent experience with, but I'm 90% sure I'll buy a R700 card soonish (thought I would have already..). I'm not totally comfortable with this, but I have to respect AMD/ATI for their open source effort. So my hope/wish/expectations of (open source) ATI would be:

        1) Complete OpenGL 2.x/3.x support. This is my primary concern. All ARB extensions used by Blender (and preferably most DCC apps) should work fast and flawlessly. If I'm told that DCC is only possible with a FireGL/PRO and closed drivers, I call BS and feel pushed towards Nvidia.

        2) Power Management? Well yes that would be very nice!

        3) OpenCL would be nice too!

        4) Stability and performance. I'd like to feel I'm using a very powerful GPU which R700 is, and not having to wait until 2015 before I can use 80% of the card...

        I really hope I don't have to use ATI's closed driver...


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          - 3D support
          - Video acceleration (shaders?)
          - Power management


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            nvidia promised support for xrandr for some time now. I hope they will do it AFTER xrandr starts support for multiple GPUs!
            At the moment it is the only driver that can run multiple GPUs.


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              Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
              Four simple things (in order of priority):

              Open specs for nvidia cards (and REALLY working nouveau)
              Power management

              Just this and nothing else.


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                Open-source Radeon drivers:
                (in order of highest to lowest priority)

                -3D support (with shaders)
                -Video acceleration
                -Power management
                -Multi-GPU support


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                  to fix the r128 mess / apply that damn patches from the bugtracker:
         (not complete, but makes DRI somehow useable on rage128)
         (--> (works fantastic, but patching and recompiling r128 and mesa everytime on a P3 just sucks...))


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                    Fully working OSS driver (KMS, 3D, GPGPU) for *actual* cards (5xxx)


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                      I'd love switchable graphics support so I can at runtime shift from my Intel integrated to my ATI discrete graphics chip.

                      Better 3D performance and accuracy in Intel's drivers, been running into some issues there.


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                        I'd like to see Kernel Mode Setting for the proprietary Nvidia driver.

                        Ideally I'd like Nvidia to switch to supporting Nouveau on Linux, but that's not likely.


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                          I can dream can't I?


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                            That they improve to the point where a thread like this would have no sense. This is, parity with Windows.


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                              personally, i need more of R500 love:

                              on windoze i'm able to play Half-Life 2 in 1280x800@high without AA and filtering with my "Mobility Radeon X2300" but on my Gentoo system it is only recently i was able to run... Jets'n'Guns.
                              glxinfo says:

                              OpenGL vendor string: DRI R300 Project
                              OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R300 (RV515 718A) 20090101 TCL DRI2
                              OpenGL version string: 1.5 Mesa 7.8-devel
                              and, of course, i waiting for Nouveau heaven with full OpengGL 2.1 and accelerations.


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                                1. >=OpenGL2 for my r500 card (so I can finally drop fglrx)
                                2. PowerManagement
                                3. decent OSS r800 support so I can consider a ATi card for my next pc/notebook.