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VIA's DRM Patches Finally Get Some Feedback

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    Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
    Yep. While, on the other hand, I've not seen anything similar from VIA, even though they stand to lose more in the long run by not being somewhat invested as well.

    Typical, unfortunately, for them.
    I mean what position in the GPU market does VIA have? Somewhere below the floor.
    So they really need a nice corner and with their quite power efficient x86 stuff they could have that corner. Small servers, silent HTPC and such - but that needs working drivers.
    And believe me. I have seen them through the years from Luc's stuff to openchrome and nothing really works. No specs, no support, no code (or if then shoddy useless stuff), no nothing.
    And then they would like to play in the OLPC field. That won't happen without good spec/docs.

    And I am really pissed of with my VIA hardware, I mean especially the GPU (the rest if more or less fair stuff). Constantly things f*ck up and I can be really happy if at least MPEG2 acceleration works. On a age old CLE266. Don't dare to think of even 3d.
    Sometimes a VESA driver works even better. So I bought that stuff back then hoping for the better (CLE266 and CN700) but til today barely something works.
    Also graphical VT console either never works or it works but then you can't work with X and things like that. Grrr.

    They would lose nothing if they just released some specs. But unless that happens (and if there are then still devs that are not too frustrated) I'll never buy chips from them again and better stick to AMD-ATI or intel. Or maybe even nv since their binary blobs at least work basically.


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      VIAs DRM Patches Finally Get Some Feedback

      There clearly seems to be a problem with the NVIDIA module...A way out without too much knowledge is, to install the drivers from NVIDIA. Obviously wed have to look into this too and find out if there is a problem.