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Mutter/Clutter Work Leads To New GLX Extension

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  • Mutter/Clutter Work Leads To New GLX Extension

    Phoronix: Mutter/Clutter Work Leads To New GLX Extension

    Following a meeting last week between Jesse Barnes, Chris Wilson, and Kristian Høgsberg with developers working on the Clutter tool-kit and GNOME's Mutter window manager, there is a new GLX extension that has been proposed as a result. Jesse Barnes has announced their work on the GLX_INTEL_swap_event extension, which helps GLX integrate better with glib style event loops. GLX_INTEL_swap_event basically notifies the client when a buffer swap has been completed...

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    Is there any use case for this over just using triple buffering, other than a little video memory savings?


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      Incidentally, a couple of days ago one of the Wine devs found a game that rendered the scene in one thread, but called D3D's "Present()" in another thread. This caused a problem because there was no way to tell when the buffer swap was completed so the next scene would start overwriting the back buffer before the swap actually happened. This extension would fix that because Wine could block BeginScene() until the swap had finished. So there's another use case right there