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S3 Graphics Linux Driver Supports OpenGL 3.1

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    KMS is part of that overhaul, but yeah it's a hard time to have a blob.

    S3 has such a credibility and support gap that they really do need an open driver IMO - and the cards aren't popular enough to see a quick open implementation even if they gave full specs. There are orders of magnitude more r6xx-r8xx cards in both user and developer's hands...


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      Originally posted by Ant P. View Post
      Knowing how bad their windows drivers are, I'd say they're too embarrassed to release it in public
      I wondered about all these people here telling how lame AMD would be not having VDPAU support. First, VDPAU ist still nvidia territory so I can understand that they rather want to have their own implementation of these features. But most ridiculous I find people cheering about S3. I mean, what exactly really happened? A few lines somewhere in a changelog? Okay. But I will not believe a single byte of that unless someone independent proves that this will really work on any generic distribution with any generic unpatched tools. Be it OpenCL, VDPAU or whatever.
      VIA & S3 is a shit when it comes to drivers. They may say they have this and that but that does not mean that it will work on your very box nor anyone else's outside S3/VIA.
      I mean I burst in tears of joy whenever I even see a working MPEG2 acceleration on a VIA GPU.
      These chips may be cheap and consume not much power but sadly that is all.


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        Originally posted by 7oby View Post
        Michael, test it!

        I would like to know about performance, maturity of driver, power saving and whether the annouced features indeed work.
        There is a Youtube video on the S3 Chrome 540 GTX graphics performance against an Nvidia 9600GT card. I still don't see a graphics card available to the public (out of stock?) since Oct 2009-Jan 2010 from their GStore website. The OpenGL 3.1 graphics drivers are available for Linux.