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Which Linux Graphics Driver Bugs Do You Hate?

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  • Which Linux Graphics Driver Bugs Do You Hate?

    Phoronix: Which Linux Graphics Driver Bugs Do You Hate?

    This week we received a note from Matthias Dahl, a Phoronix reader, who wanted to remind us about current problems plaguing the NVIDIA 180.xx driver series. Using any of the newer NVIDIA Linux drivers can cause graphics corruption followed by the system locking up...

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    Wow, I consider myself lucky then - 8600gt here and it's all working out just fine.

    No real driver bugs either, save for S2 getting a drop in fps sometimes after switching focus. But I can't complain - it's 1% of the linux games that has the basic capability to alt+tab in fullscreen.


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      I noticed this bug too on Ubuntu. But when I switched to ArchLinux, the problem didn't occur any-more. Maybe it has to do with Ubuntu.

      By the way, I've just registered, this is my first message. Long live to Phoronix !


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        Oh, X freezes up every once in a while and I have to Ctrl+Alt+Backspace..
        Aside from that it's hard to know which packages bugs I encounter are actually in; I don't know how polished compiz is right now.. I'm just looking forward to nouveau maturing so when a problem does show up, I know what the heck is going on.

        Third party proprietary drivers are a huge part of the reason Windows sucks so hard, but they'll affect any system that depends on them, really, and it makes me sad to see that be the case..


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          7300GS, 8800GT's, 9600GT, and 8600GT no issues here on openSUSE 11.1. At work, 8200/8300 chipsets and some 7600GT's, running combo of Bluewhite and opensuse 11.1/11.0 and not one report of lock up there (50+ stations all using nvidia chipset boards).


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            The absence of VTs.
            The absence of kernel panic notifications.
            The absence of monitor hot-plugging.

            Proprietary NVIDIA driver, obviously.


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              I haven't had many bugs to complain about, more just lack of features. But then... I stopped using nVidia a long, long time ago.


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                I haven't had problems with the latest drivers in my 8500GT, the annoying 2D acceleration issues were resolved starting with the 180.xx drivers, so I'm happy overall.

                I'm using Xubuntu 8.10, but with a custom-compiled 2.6.28 kernel.


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                  The bug that I hate the most is tearing. I see it on videos (with or without Compiz enabled) with my intel 4500MHD. It makes watching video useless on Ubuntu for the moment.
                  The worst part is I also have an ATI 3650HD on my laptop, which show the exact same problem with the fglrx driver.

                  I don't know maybe I should have bought a laptop with an Nvidia card , well maybe in a few months this problem will be history (either with the intel driver or maybe the radeonhd driver).


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                    with NVIDIA drivers i've had stability issues with my 8600GTS but not many of my other cards. with fglrx i've had tearing problems and unusable video for a year on my 2600xt. Till recently the 2600xt had unusable video with radeonhd since it didnt have xvideo support for r600 chips.

                    sadly the graphics cards that work best are a number of GMA950 based machines (mac mini, acer aspire one) and one ati rs200 based laptop. One uses the open source intel drivers and the other has used the open source ati drivers.


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                      I'm just going to go ahead and say it : Welcome to 2 years ago

                      Nvidia's driver issues are hardly new, and hardly contained to the 180 branch. Case in point is my own report comparing Nvidia's 100.14 64bit drivers to ATi's 8.39 64bit release :

                      My biggest beef with Nvidia though isn't the instability and X-server crashes I've lived through. It's the fan control. I literally had to underclock two 6600 GT cards I had because the fans wouldn't shut up, even when the system was at idle. While I've never had to underclock my 7900 GT KO, it's got an obnoxious habit at running the fan at full tilt... ALL the time.

                      Of course, I could rant about the lack of an Open-Source Strategy from Nvidia, and while I hope that Red Hat's forcing of the issue with NV / Nouveau will result in positive change, I just don't see it happening.


                      Of course, that doesn't mean I'm looking at AMD/ATi with positive thoughts either. Crossfire support has arrived for the RadeonHD 4x00 series... but what about all the PREVIOUS graphics cards? Crossfire has been around since what.. the x800? Where is that support? Although that's not actually a bug. Although the X-server locking up on certain drag-and-drops on a pair of Crossfired 3870's could possibly be attributed to a bug.

                      Well, then there's the packaging scripts, with the Debian packaging scripts appearing to be broken. Well, all insult intended, last I heard a Ubuntu guy was handling the Debian scripts, and Ubuntu has no interest what-so-ever in compatibility, a lesson Mepis Linux learned the hardway after finding there was no upgrade path out of Dapper. However, people who seem to be qualified in handling the scripts on debian, such as the creator of the popular SMXI / SGFXI scripts, seem to have an anti-AMD hard-on or something. The list of people available who want to handle Debian packaging, and are qualified, seems to be extremely small. Again though, that's not really a bug.

                      Truth be told, AMD/ATi solved most of the big bugs I had in mind. One of the driver sets last year broke Cedega / W.I.N.E. support, an issue that has since been resolved... which is good for my City of Heroes addition.


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                        beecher, I believe both the radeon and radeonhd drivers have tear-free Xv support today. You'll need to pick up drm from either drm- next or the 6xx-7xx git branch of drm, but the X driver code has been merged to master on both radeon and radonhd.


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                          I can't use ati catalyst driver after 8.12
                          I can't get opengl to work on slackware 12.2
                          And many slackware users have the same problem with 9.1 and 9.2

                          I think that not being able to use the driver at all is an greater bug then an minor graphics corruption.


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                            Intel too

                            I have a Supermicro C2SEA with the Intel G45/X4500HD, and graphics freezes are common too (about once a day), even without Compiz. Between that and the video tearing, I can't wait for the new graphics subsystem to stabilize.


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                              The 180.xx drivers were a lot faster with KDE4 than the 177s and earlier versions, but it was still a pretty slow experience trying to use KDE4 with my 8600GT. I'm sure KDE4(and/or its dependencies) is partly to blame, but Nvidia's blob surely is also. One eight oh - STILL TOO SLOW. Ultimately, the slight performance increase was not enough to offset the bugs in the 180.xx series - loved that flashing red checkerboard on top of every non-fullscreen video I played. Oh and broken suspend too, that was so awesome.

                              So I'm back to KDE3 (again, not 100% thanks to Nvidia - but still, in good part), 177.82, and the same old never-gonna-get-fixed, totally-absent-for-no-good-reason TV out overscan control. If that had been fixed in 180.xx I would have put up with the other bugs. It's definitely the bug I hate the most, only it's not a bug so much as it was a decision some fucker at Nvidia made. The new Windows release doesn't need that anymore - so fuck the users of every other OS in existence right?

                              Does fglrx support running multiple X servers yet? Totally despise that one too.

                              In summary then, what I hate most is having Windows paradigms forced upon me. I shouldn't be forced to choose between Big Desktop and whatever other mode they offer when offers the ability to run more than one Xserver. The fact that Vista doesn't need overscan controls shouldn't mean that users of every other fucking OS (other Windows versions too!) get the shaft.

                              There's 10s of millions of Linux users! Isn't that enough to get some fucking respect already?? Sadly I know the answer, and it's no.