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Bringing Multimedia, Audio Into The X Server

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  • Bringing Multimedia, Audio Into The X Server

    Phoronix: Bringing Multimedia, Audio Into The X Server

    Helge Bahmann talked about bringing multimedia and audio extensions into the X Server this morning at FOSDEM. Helge talked about this topic last year at FOSDEM, but in the past year he has made more progress in this area...

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    Nevermind... I thought he was building yet another audio server into
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      Would be rather good to have that there. Would probably also speed up regular X over the network, since now the images aren't compressed and so browsing the web consumes a lot of bandwith.

      Perhaps one day I can just ssh into my home comp using a netbook, and watch a movie from that comp on the road (using my 512k uplink )


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        Is there a transcript of this talk? Or a de-noised audio track, cant focus on what he is saying because of the noise


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          Plea for Non-Proprietary Video

          Could future videos please be provided in an open format? Proprietary formats such as Flash hold information hostage to the companies that control said formats. It would be one thing if an open alternative did not exist but several do such as Theora and Dirac. Open systems such as Linux are built upon open standards and the exchange of information. Proprietary formats at best slow down this exchange and at worst impede it.


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            Isn't the benefit of using flash video to take advantage of all the free video hosting services out there? How do the open video proponents suggest open source projects help reduce bandwidth costs? (are there similar services that host free video)


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              The video doesn't work for me. I only see a still image of an empty room with a white rectangle projected on the wall.

              Firefox 3, Ubuntu 8.10 x86-64, proprietary Flash plugin.


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                A .torrent tracked by would be a nice gesture for people that go out of the way to be free of Flash (or for whom Flash goes out of the way to refuse to work )


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                  Heck, even TPB could be used, as they have anonymous uploads. Phoronix would only need to seed.


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                    Yes, bittorrent would be the best solution for all. Please load the files up somewhere and if you wish I make a torrent, if you don't want to.
                    But please no more flash!